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2 Quick tips : How to deal with Uncertainty

2 Quick tips : How to deal with Uncertainty

How to deal with Uncertainty

By: Rupashi ChhabraDescription: horizontal line

“Uncertainty” ,the big question mark in everybody’s mind right now. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone in the world to come to a stop. This has made life, career, money, family, and even life uncertain. Nothing is certain in life but the pandemic has amplified this feeling to an overextending period of time. Being isolated for months on months in our homes can take a toll on our mental health, physical health as well as make us give up faith in believing that the world will be better again.


But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the uncertainty of our current predicament has forced us to take stock of what is really important in life. It has made us reevaluate our priorities and what actually matters in life. Specifically, what we can function with and what we don’t need.

I am sure the pandemic has made you into a version of yourself that you didn’t want or made you choose a career in a field that you didn’t think you would work in, or made you reconnect with long-lost friends over the internet to just ask how they are doing.

Here I am going to give you some useful mantras that you can use to recenter and refocus your anxiety and keep your faith to just keep going.

Be Kind to Yourself

A frequently heard life mantra and preached by everyone from self-help gurus to being plastered across merchandise sold by mental health accounts on social media. But, do you know what it actually means, being kind to yourself means actually doing the work which can include doing morning affirmations when you wake up to being alone and processing your thoughts and feelings. It can differ from individual to individual as everyone is different.



The process of looking within whether be it psychological or spiritual. Looking at introspection from a psychological standpoint can encompass evaluating your own personal mental state. And from a spiritual standpoint, it can involve looking at your soul at a much deeper level. The process of introspection makes you figure out what you actually seek in life and listen to your inner voice to embark on a path to achieve what you seek.

Practice Mindfulness

The prevalent practice of mindfulness is a type of mediation that involves focusing on what you are sensing, feeling at a particular point in time without any judgment. Practicing the art of mindfulness involves deep breathing methods, guided imagery to give a visual cue to what you are feeling. Mindfulness relaxes the mind and body to relieve stress.

Follow a Schedule

A very simple pointer but a necessary tip to follow especially while staying safe at home. To be safe, secure, and comfortable with your day, everyone should follow a schedule. Be it children learning virtually, or the parents working on their laptops, or the grandparents being with you at home. Your home schedule determines your success at getting work done on time by leaving enough quality time to spend with your family free from distractions. Turn these unfortunate set of circumstances with an opportunity to bond with your loved ones.

Now, that you have some personal mantras whenever you feel like your mind is trying to play tricks with you and making you anxious, just reaffirm, recenter, refocus. Remember to be kind to yourself, introspect, practice mindfulness and follow a schedule. Through this mental checklist, you can conquer the demon of uncertainty. Living with so much uncertainty in different facets of life is hard, but we are all this together.

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