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5 quick tips to motivate yourself every day

5 quick tips to motivate yourself every day

Getting out of the comfort of your bed, and tackling the day can require extra effort nowadays. Being motivated to take every day can leave you feeling in your head sometimes, looking at the case numbers every single day, practicing the same routine day after day can take a toll on your mental health as well as your physical health. Often you can find yourself in a downward spiral of procrastination, or even questioning that I can stay to be in bed all day in my jammies, then these easy and quick tips can motivate you to go about your day with ease without the feeling of overwhelming dawning on you.

Set a to-do list

Firstly, when you wake up in the morning, make a mental checklist of essential tasks to accomplish in a timely fashion. Prioritize the most important tasks first and make a specific plan to execute them promptly. Evaluating and reflecting on what’s going in your life right now.

To make a successful plan, first, define what our goals are and formulate them in such a manner that they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive. Or make them S.M.A.R.T and hold yourself accountable, celebrate your successes and give yourself time to get over your failures.

Take time to be Happy

to do list
To Do List

Allow yourself time to do what makes you happy, as when you aren’t happy, you tend to go towards the road to procrastinate, if you find yourself procrastinating, don’t panic. Reset by being productive with your day, celebrating your small wins, help others, cook, clean with your favourite music blasting on speaker, make your happy place.

Give yourself a break

Schedule breaks in your day that suit your daily routine to take out time to just put down the phone, watch your favourite tv show or film, or just take time to read a book you have wanted to for so long. Having a repetitive routine can be boring and doing the same household chores over and over again can be a burden. But only if you make it so.

Being occupied between household chores and work can leave you feeling exhausted and be chaotic in general but you can overcome that by cutting yourself some slack and taking a break.

Confront Death

Sounds like doom and gloom, but confronting the end of life can motivate you to understand your purpose in life. Especially during a pandemic, many people are losing loved ones and friends either due to the pandemic or elderly people in their families to chronic medical conditions.            This pandemic has specially made all of us collectively beckon with death in some form or the other. I was personally affected by this as I lost a family friend to Covid-19 last year suddenly. The situation hit me like a wave of emotions that I hadn’t felt before and made me process my feelings to move past them.

Be gentle with yourself

 Remember to extend a level of kindness to yourself when you try to compare yourself to your peers or just go down the road of feeling less than or not enough. Learn to accept you are an individual with a purpose to live and succeed in the journey of life by taking a path you choose and it may take time to get there but be patient and gentle with yourself by focusing on the positives.

To conclude,  I would just like to reiterate that: having a mental checklist, take time to be happy, everyone deserves a break, confront and process death to move forward. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself, do all this and whatever motivates makes you happy to get yourself motivated.

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By: Rupashi Chhabra