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A story of Multi-talented 17 Year old Anshu : Focus Story



The Unstoppable Soul: Anshu

Anshu, a 17-year-old girl, believing in simple living and high thinking, surmises that everything can be earned with patience and hard work. She has proved herself at a very tender age. She has gone on to achieve a lot at her age. From stabilizing her art organization to leading an NGO with a great cause Anshu has stunned everyone. She is the box of enthusiasm.  She has bagged numerous awards. Recently she has engraved her name on “Best Social Worker of The Year 2021” presented by Awards Arc. She bagged this award for her selfless work and dedication to society. Her quest in social workouts is reasonably inspiring and motivating.

Once on her way through she noticed children working on construction sites, roadside restaurants, and small children were absorbed in unacceptable circumstances. That setting impacted the then little girl’s mind. She thought of doing something remarkable for these little angels. This incident left a lasting impression on her. She wasn’t quite able to condense the fact that these children will not have a choice in enacting their future. She laid the first stone through the NGO. The organization is solely set up by her, namely Art for A Cause. This art NGO is now working for unprivileged and poor kids. NGO sells artworks and the royalty the organization is receiving benefits a lot of poor lads. Benefiting them with their studies and living style.

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Social work includes emotional preparation for the personal and professional emotional demands of practice. Emotional rigor is a process that invites us to feel deeply and fully while struggling to handily and constructively work with our emotions and all their nuance and contradictions. The process involves emotional honesty, humility, persistence, and flexibility. Emotional rigor involves emotional peril and offers the recourse for reflection and growth. At the heart of social work she believed and set goals for core competencies. These include knowledge of human behavior within its social context, professionalism and ethics, knowledge of social service delivery systems, and the ability to make sense of social research.

She didn’t stop here. She started another way to help youngsters with an organization named Smile 100. The organization wholly justifies the name with the endeavor they are performing. Smile 100 is designing happy faces successfully. They aimed to expand and explore more all over India. The main function of Smile 100 is to educate young lads. Contributing and providing them funds for their better future and delivering them a good financial existence.   

She aims to spread her work wherever is possible to dispel. As she is the youth of the generation she focused her work area on the present and upcoming generation. She is balancing her pedagogy with her social works pretty well.

Her extraordinary work delightfully defines and acts like the Most Deserving Award for the Best Social Worker of 2021. She is earning a lot of boons and filling her bag at quite a little age. She has another feather in her cap. Anshu has shown that with sheer dedication and hard work, we can create an impact on society and achieve a lot in the process.

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