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Abhay Deol says he is ‘intimidated’ to work with Dharmendra, Sunny, Bobby; adds ‘my world of filmmaking is so different’

Abhay Deol says he is ‘intimidated’ to work with Dharmendra, Sunny, Bobby; adds ‘my world of filmmaking is so different’

A Story by Jasmine Kaur


Abhay Deol, who is acting alongside with his nephew Karan Deol, said he was “scary” to make a movie with his family member-Uncle Dharmendra and his cousins ​​Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. He added that his ” world of filmmaking is very different from theirs.”

Deol steamed up for films such as Apne and Yamla Pagla Deewana franchises, but Abhay didn’t appear in them. Three generations of Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby and Sunny’s son Karan will appear together in the next movie, Apne 2.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Abhay said, “I have been really scared of working with family because I have always had this notion in my head, ‘How can I not be anything but myself around my brothers, around my taya (uncle)? It will be hard to play a character other than who I am.’

There is a little intimidation there. It’s different with Karan, he’s obviously younger than me, he’s my nephew, I saw him grow up. There was more freedom, which I would be intimidated to do in front of my elders.”

When asked about the possibility of appearing in a movie with other family members, Abhay said:“Like I said, it’s hard to be a character other than myself around my elders. Of course, never say never. If something like that comes along, sure.But, as you said, my filmmaking world is so different that it’s hard to find a midpoint.

Abhay made his Bollywood debut in 2005 at Socha Na Tha. Since then, he has been a loud supporter of indie films. His films include Manorama Six Feet Under, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, and Dev D.

About movie “Velle”

Next, Abhay and Karan will star in Velle about the failure of the kidnapping program. The film, directed by Deven Munjal, will be screened in theaters on December 10.

In Velle, Abhay Deol plays the role of writer and director, a character drawn from experience in the entertainment industry.

“The writer’s personality is a kind of cynical. He’s bitter from his experience in the industry. I had my own cynicalism, probably not so bitter, but at least I It was cynical, so I’m definitely channelling it. There weren’t that many in the original draft. He was very kind. My feedback to the director was that he was too nice and untrue, especially based on the experience he had experienced. And in real life, it is reflected in their way of speaking and their way of being.

Velle is directed by Deven Munjal, who previously played various roles in films such as Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. Velle will be first movie in which Abhay Deol will share a screen with his nephew Karan Deol, son of his cousin and actor-MP Sunny Deol.

It is set to be released in theatres on December 10.

About Abhay Deol

The actor said that both came from the same film family, so he could relate to Karan Deol, who is trying to make a mark for himself in the industry with varied roles.

“When I look at any actor, I can relate to that experience because I myself was a beginner at one time. I could relate to him a bit more because we have the same upbringing and ideas about what to do and how to be. I could see a bit of my own self in him more,” he added.

Abhay Deol, who is currently spending time in India and the United States, said things are going well. He was last seen in the original Disney Channel movie Spin (2021).

“It’s fun. It’s a different market. It just broadens my horizons a little, “he said.

“I have been the executive producer of a horror film and there’s this new film called Pep. It is executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way. I’m in the production, putting a few projects together over here,” he added.

Abhay Deol will also be seen in a Netflix limited series whose working title is The Trial by Fire.