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Hey! Hi. Hello! We’re Team MYPENCILDOTCOM. We work to deliver you content on your screens, in our mag, and across your feeds that’s just like you: fearlessly authentic, unapologetically honest, and really damn interesting.


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History :

“A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere”—Courtesy: Joyce Meyer  

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Likewise, Mypencildotcom Magazine is a journal of the dreams we all have conceived since we wore our thinking caps. The motto behind this e-mag is to uncloak the struggle story behind an achiever. We have hand- picked up the enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, budding writers, influencers, brilliant actors, our heroes worldwide who have made us and themselves proud of their achievements.

The cocoon stage should be unwrapped and bought into limelight. So, our digital magazine provides fresh perspective seasoned with all the emotional herbs making it a worth-while platter. Let us begin this unending caravan of triumph and defeat, joy and sorrows, anxiety and serenity. We hereby welcome our readers to pitch in Mypencildotcom family, wholeheartedly embracing new ideas and letters from the most important people.

Love you readers!

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Circulation : ( Date May-2021)

Currently we are growing at faster pace & available to be read in 150 + countries , we thank our associates & digital platforms for making this happen. We are now able enable facility to circulate free magazine copies, paid copies, subscription website visitors, repeated website visitors etc to achieve a good circulation ranging 30-60k readers .

Our Aim :

We at Mypencildotcom aim to bring inspiring real-life stories. we interview personalities of all kinds, all professions. Idea is to bring inspiring stories, challenges, & learning messages for everyone. If you feel that you a story to share, please join us. Join & spread a message that can inspire readers across the world.

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