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Model and Actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary interview with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

Model and Actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary interview with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

Mypencildotcom- How did it all start?

Ajay- It started in 2004, I came to Mumbai and I did my post-graduation in theatres and then I started working. My first show was with Anurag Basu, it was ‘Love stories’ on Sab TV. It’s been almost 15 years on television. My first web series came in 2020, it’s called ‘Crack down’ which was directed by Apurva Lakhiya on Voot. We have shot its second season also. On 20 January, ‘Bhaukaal 2’, will get released in which I’ve played the character of Bad Guy.

Mypencildotcom- What’s your role in ‘Bhaukaal 2’?

Ajay- My role is full of suspense. I can’t reveal it much as I’m not there in the trailer of the show. I’m playing a negative role and you’ll see me as a part of a gang of last season. The trailer is very interesting and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy this season as well.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary

Mypencildotcom- `What should be the process to establish as an actor?

Ajay: To become an actor, one should be responsible as it is a very tough job. You have to be physically strong because it requires a lot of struggles. The life of an actor is very difficult. The person who wants to become an actor should be highly focused and should work hard. I always give my best without worrying about success or failure.

Mypencildotcom- How did you overcome your struggles?

Ajay- I have worked a lot on my mental fitness more than on my physical fitness. Challenges are everywhere even in our daily life, but if we are mentally strong, we can face anything.

Mypencildotcom- Which is your favorite role?

Ajay- I have played very few comedy roles, so I would like to explore more comedy roles. The good thing about web series is that it makes you explore the different types of roles. Even in the last web series, I played a role of a terrorist which was very challenging because I have to change my appearance, gain weight, etc. So, these are the challenges that an actor has to face in their life while acquiring different roles.

Mypencildotcom- How OTT platform is different from TV shows?

Ajay- There are different challenges in different platforms. While shooting for TV shows, the lead actor didn’t get much free time but while shooting for a web series, the lead actor gets time to read scripts and do research. OTT platforms provide a medium for unestablished actors to showcase their talents.

Mypencildotcom- Which is your favorite content/ web series on the OTT platform?

Ajay- There are many web series that are my favorites such as Inside edge, The family man, and Paatal Lok. Even, some of my web series are coming which are my favorite.

Mypencildotcom- Did you experience or learn anything while watching a web series?

Ajay- Yes, obviously many characters inspire me. Some Korean or Spanish web series are wonderful in which the actors have done marvelous work. Even the work of Indian actors inspires me a lot.

Mypencildotcom- Is there any other thing you would like to try other than acting?

Ajay- No, I don’t want to try anything else because my ambition is acting for the past many years. I just want to enhance my skills and enjoy my journey; it doesn’t matter whether I get success or failure.