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Balakrishna’sAkhanda Gets U/A Certificate after Multiple Cuts

Balakrishna’sAkhanda Gets U/A Certificate after Multiple Cuts

A story by Jasmine Kaur


Telugu’s Star Balakrishna’s next film Akhanda has received U / A certification from the Central Board of Film Certification. The movie will pass the censorship test after several cuts and will be released in the cinema on December 2nd. This movie received a U / A certificate from the censorship authorities. After several cuts, the film will be 2 hours 47 minutes long, as suggested by the censors.

The recently released trailer for this movie was very much loved by the audience. The trailer for Akhanada was released on November 14th and has been well received by fans and viewers.

In Akanda, NandamuriBalakrishnainappears this action thriller. A work directed by BoyapatiSrinu. The film also starred PragyaJaiswal as the heroine. Jagapatibab and Srikanth played a central role, and Taman composed the music for the film.

The filming of the movie was completed last month. Film producers and crew were busy promoting before the film was released. Some of the songs in the movie were previously released. The song of BhamAkhand from the movie released on Diwali had impressed the audience. This song was written by AnantSriram and sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The combination of Balayya-Boyapatihas brought two blockbusters in the past, and the third and next movie could also impress the audience. The film was scheduled to be released on May 28 on the occasion of NTR Jayanti but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic limitation.

 The popular OTT platform HotStar has acquired the rights to the digital satellite of the movie. This movie is produced byMiryalaRavinderLady under the flag of Dwarka Entertainments.

About the movie

Akhanda is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language fantasy action film written and directed by BoyapatiSrinu and produced by MiryalaRavinder Reddy under the banner of Dwaraka Creations. The film stars NandamuriBalakrishna, PragyaJaiswal, JagapathiBabu and Srikanth. The film is scheduled to be theatrically released on 2 December 2021.

The film was tentatively titled BB3. In April 2021, the official title of the movie Akhanda was revealed. Most of the shots were completed by May 2021.

This movie will be shown in theaters on December 2, 2021. Music was composed by S. Thaman. The first single track, AdigaAdiga, was released on September 18, 2021. The music was released by Lahari Music Company.

Shooting incident

Balakrishna was involved in a shooting at his home in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, around 8:50 pm on June 3, 2004. He is said to have shot producer B. Suresh and his collaborator SatyanarayanaChowdhary. Both injured were later admitted to Apollo Hospital. As the Human Rights Forum (HRF) argues, the circumstances in which the case was dealt with caused controversy. The HRF questioned the credibility of the individuals involved in the incident and the situation in which Balakrishna was protected from the police by evacuating to a care hospital for no good reason.

Two victims made a statement before the Magistrate alleging that Balakrishna had shot them, but later withdrew their previous statement. Balakrishna was later arrested on June 6 and taken before the 5th Metropolitan Magistrate. Balakrishna’s wife, Vasundara Devi, was also complained of the demonstration because the weapon used was licensed under her name and she was unable to properly protect the weapon.  Balakrishna was later released on bail on the condition that he did not leave Hyderabad and did not surrender his passport without the permission of the court.

About the trailer

The theatrical trailer of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s ‘Akhanda’ has now become the talk of the town as it was released on Sunday (November 14) evening. The movie has been an attention grabber, ever since it was announced. BoyapatiSrinu’s direction and Balayya’s acting prowess have come in for praise from Nandamuri fans. The ‘Akhanda’ trailer promises to be an out-and-out mass entertainer with Balakrishna’s perkiness as a mass fighter. Showcasing the two variations of Balakrishna’s role, the trailer launches all main characters from the movie ‘Akhanda’.

A modern get-up Balakrishna who is completely in contrast with his other ‘Aghora’ role in the movie impresses his fans. But, it appears director BoyapatiSrinu has used the routine ‘senseless mass’ formula in this movie.

Though Boypati and Balakrishna make a very good team, it seems like the audience is not ready for age-old, senseless aspects which remain boring. While the theatrical trailer of ‘Akhanda’ establishes a good impression of Balakrishna’s role, it doesn’t convince the audience enough.

On the other hand, Balakrishna is being praised for his dedication and makeover in ‘Akhanda’. Balakrishna has a strong line-up, which includes a movie with GopichandMallineni and other ace filmmakers. Balakrishna’s celebrity talk show ‘Unstoppable with NBK’ is also running successfully.