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An interview with TANUSHREE : INDIA’S CITIZEN SQUAD 2021 Contestant on Discovery Channel

An interview with TANUSHREE :  INDIA’S CITIZEN SQUAD 2021 Contestant on Discovery Channel
  1. What motivates and inspires you to take modeling as a career, and what made you make this decision.
  2. I was body-shamed in school and used to be very unhealthy. I was always sad, but my father motivated me to get out of bed and maintain myself one day. I decided to change, and that was the turning point in my life. I hit the gym and randomly started clicking pictures. It was the most unconscious decision, and I started getting attention. I became a fitness and bikini model. My family’s motivation opened my eyes to the fitness world, and my constant motivation is the secret behind my success.

      2. How did featuring on the discovery channel happen?

  1. INDIA’S CITIZEN SQUAD 2021: I was randomly watching the Discovery channel with my family, and an advertisement came up that focused on featuring fitness in the Indian Citizens. I sent the video working out randomly, and after one audition and a fitness challenge, I got in. That’s when I found my journey. Featuring on Discovery became the most significant achievement of my life, I shot for it in Kashmir, and I was thrilled by the experience. I received applause from everyone I knew.
LIVE Interview with Tanushree

      3.What has changed in your life after that show? Do you have any further goals or ambitions?

  1. It motivated me more towards my fitness career. That was it for me, even though I never thought I could do it. But it was my destiny. Being a fitness influencer defined my purpose in life. It helped me believe in myself, and I never looked back!

      4. Who were you before this show?

  1. Being an army kid, I traveled to a lot of places. I was a fine arts student, but I dropped out of college. For me, education has to be applied in life and not just reading. I realized this and wanted to do something on my own. There are many opportunities apart from education, and it’s just the society speaking! You have to decide your fate.

      5. When you chose a career in modeling, how do you face the obstacles?

  1. Initially, when I started, I thought back to answering was the thing. But eventually, I realized that’s not it! Kindness is the best answer to these obstacles. Reply to hate with kindness, and it can turn the tables around. All the odds go away when you become successful. 

      6. How well do you handle the pressure?

  1. The nervousness inside me makes my work bright. Playing smart is the mantra. You pretend to be comfortable. Fake it till you make it! Be it anything in life, whenever pressure is forming, act like you own the situation and achieve your goals.

   7. What are your hobbies?

  1. Creation is my hobby. I love making new things, composing a song, or painting. Just creating something makes me happy. I always loved singing and always thought of myself as a singer.

      8. During your journey, how did you cope up with the hurdles?

  1. It was not easy. I even joined the gym to lose weight. It was frustrating and tiring, I was stressed, but I held on and stuck to my goal. I pretended till I made it. I would go to the gym even if I didn’t want to do it. Now it is entirely different because I survived the hard times. Currently, working out is like worshiping. My father always told me, “your health is your biggest wealth,” and I stuck to it.

      9. What is your goal ten years down the line?

  1. I want recognition. I want to set an example for everyone out of time that when you want it so bad, no one can stop you from achieving it! This profession is bold, and I want everyone to accept it and move on from the stereotypes!

     10. One message that you want to give to my pencil dotcom.

  1. “Discipline and determination over motivation, because your determination is the only thing that will help you during the hard times. Discipline is the key to success!”