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Entrepreneur & Anthropologist : Lays Venancio ( Brazil )

Entrepreneur & Anthropologist : Lays Venancio ( Brazil )
Lays Venancio – Anthropologist , Entrepreneur

” Even as a Child in my Childhood, I wanted to help others ..!

Lays Venancio

Lays Venancio is an entrepreneur & anthropologist from Brazil. She always wanted to help others even when she was a child. Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity, concerned with human behavior, human biology, and societies, in both the present and past, including past human species. Social anthropology studies patterns of behavior, while cultural anthropology studies cultural meaning, including norms and values.

She wish to work and support Police to work more closely with them to prevent crime. Talking to MyPencildotcom for an interview of Our Magazine, She explained her journey, struggle & ambition. She even started her own business supporting a family business of Accessories of used Vehicals in Brazil. She says she wish to take her business to next level.

MyPencilDotCom appreciates her contribution to the society & ambition in her life.

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You can read the interview of lays Venancio in our Magazine for the month of Jan-2021 here.

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