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How Author Akanksha Agrawal all set to be a BestSelling Author? EXCLUSIVE



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Bestselling Author Akanksha interview. Join us Live on 2nd March 2021 at 9.30 PM on or on youtube.

Akanksha Agarwal is an ambidextrous artist who expresses her heart

with her pen , dances with her soul ,sings for the stars, plays the

instrument for the birds, paints nature and completes the spirit of her

home. The eclectic experiences give her a perspective of how colorful

life is and she entwines them with her creative pursuits.

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Bestselling book author life Professional Summary .

Akanksha Agarwal is an ambidextrous artist who expresses her heart
with her pen , dances with her soul ,sings for the stars, plays the
instrument for the birds, paints nature and completes the spirit of her
home. The eclectic experiences give her a perspective of how colorful
life is and she entwines them with her creative pursuits.
A “Pen” from her father who was a friend and a mentor, inspired her
to profess unabashedly. The spark of flagrant expressions were innate
ever since she was young, depicting a feisty sense of longing and
belonging. She is a zephyr on cold sunny noons, a paradoxical delight.
winning accolades in various esteemed dais’ was just a commendation
to aspire for more. The phoenix rising on the Instagram platform; she
has recently organized a live session of poets across the globe with

Akanksha writes from her heart, dreams with her heart, and being a
people’s person, lives with her heart.
The Secret in My Blood, her first book of poems, is a beautiful work on
the profoundness of love and romance. Her deep and untainted
feelings come through in each rendition with her immissible play of
Educational Background
Graduation – BBA, Invertis College
Mass communication – Invertis College

Awards and Recognition
A) Poem featured in

  • the untold feelings
  • words directly from heart
  • the jubilant jargon
  • the Penname
  • the writers speck
  • the grammar bells
  • the project quote
  • what the world official
  • National Poetry Competition
  • best poem in the Beauty of Love
    -poems in Lothoriene Poetry Journal
    -poem in Opal magazine , Canada and USA.

Recognised as Top 4 Indian female poets must read.

B) Interviews

  • the soulful quote
  • Shri read books
  • Samee book reviewers
  • Books charming
  • Khyati Gautam blog
  • Book mate
  • Vidhya Thakkar
  • Interview in readers trail magazine
    ⁃ interview in India bloomer and Indian periodical
    ⁃ interview in India Cafe 24
    ⁃ Interview in Storiyaan

C) Anthologies

  • Writers pocket Soul candy
  • half baked beans the great Indian anthology-2
  • Rooh se publication
  • Zion of earth
  • Daimack publication the twisted feelings
  • Before the sunset ( book marked with bliss)
    ⁃ Humanity : Core of Human
  • Wissen monk
  • Tacenda publication
  • Asian Book of record ( music and mundane)
    -Jumbled by Poet’s Choice

Other establishments

  • voice over of poetry featured in
    Echoes and edges Singapore
  • voice over of poetry to be featured on Radio 103.5 Uk.
  • paintings featured in Corona Quilt
  • painting featured in City Artists
  • painting featured in Indian Artist Club
  • had organised an Open Mic poetry session with poets all around the world.
    ⁃ magazine cover story feature The Literary Mirror

Media Coverage

  • IANS
  • The Pionner
  • Deccan Chronicles
  • Jalak news
  • social news
  • News gram , Chicago
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Daily Hunt

Available on :
Barnes and Noble
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  • Book Cover collab with The Art head
  • Book Cover collab with The Nailed It India.

Book is wining hearts and people are showing their love and support!

The book is spread across three parts –

  1. Ovulating in Emotions – When someone falls in love, everything seems extraordinary and magical. You’ll begin analyzing your lover with everything you adore from celestial objects to edible items. You wanted to go to the places to spend quality time and enjoy each other’s company. This part portrays the feelings when you know that you can’t live without that particular person or how their love intoxicates your heart and mind.
  2. Bleeding in Love – this part is dedicated to the stage where one’s heart-breaks. The loneliness, darkness, negative thoughts looming over and everything reminds you of your partner. The sleepless night, tears, yearning for physical touch, endless memories become part of life. You try to forget everything, but still unable to do it because in your heart you know that maybe one day, he/she will come back, and that fantasy lives on.
  3. Fertile to Fly – Love and lust are both the side of the same coin. Physical intimacy is as much important as emotional bonding. In this part, Akanksha Agarwal depicts the craving of bodies where passion and love for each other are boundless and sturdy as the ocean. This segment is also a gentle reminder that love is about growing old together, and there is no moment you regret if you are with the one you belong to.

A special poem that’s winning hearts of the readers from The Secret in my blood is –

The whiff of his bones, intoxicating… Her eyes wandering to never blink,
her ears wanting to tune into his sound, her brain asking to abide with him. Forever, ever and ever!

Her path is where his road is,
her shadow is where his footsteps are, her fingers swayed with his touch,
her smile is when he beams.
Forever, ever and ever

Poetry Wraps by Akanksha Agarwal

The Life after Suffering from Covid – 19

Recently I caught with a viral infection and my upper and lower limbs stopped feeling. It was really a tough time. I had to be shifted between home and hospital. I am in recovery mode now.
This journey is something I wanted to share with the readers. I want to write about the pain a patient goes through and how it affects his/her psyche.
Of course, it may or may not be my next book, but I will write on that for sure.
Now I am recovering I was totally based on the kindness of others. Every nurse, doctor and physio , my mom , my husband, my family makers that helped me did so with humility and care making sure I was treated with respect and kindness.
When you are giving up on life, little moments of kindness – like a cup of coffee or green tea being made for you and just someone listening to what you have to say can change your day for the better.

My hope was not lost and even if I was at my lowest, life could get better and that there is a reason to live .
That moment will stay with me forever. While fighting with Corona , the side effects of heavy medications, the loss of mobilty in my limbs , and an unexpected things that happend I began to make the most of his time by writing down my thoughts into my mobile notes.
So yes now I am on the recovery track , settled back at my home with my kids.
Life is getting back on track.
I am sure with god’s grace and love of my family soon I’ll pick up my paint brush , paint my thoughts, I would sing -record my voice , I would write the poems , I will cook for my family and I will be as cheerful as I can.
Still some days I feel low , but Yes we are god lovers and with good diet, exercises, positivity and blessings of my family things are and will get better.