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A bald Model girl : Supports Cancer Awareness and Alopecia

A bald Model girl : Supports Cancer Awareness and Alopecia

Bald Model girl :Aaliya Tully Khan, I am A bald Model/ Comedian/influencer, and an entrepreneur. 

I know bald sounds very interesting and a lot of people must be amazed to see that as an introduction. 

Well, let me clear the air, I Support causes like Cancer Awareness and Alopecia. Why do I support such causes? I support it because I feel for me the beauty standard is just a myth. And to be honest, I’d like to be called a rebel in this so-called man-made society.

I just didn’t turn out to be like this. I am just lucky enough to have a family who has constantly supported me from my childhood.

A bald Model girl : Inspiration

My mother was an author herself and used to fight for the rights of the people struggling with poverty whereas my father would be kind enough to sit with them and have meals with them. My younger brother is my inspiration and he has always believed in me and my work. 


From a young age, I wanted to get into the media industry. I somehow started working with various Production houses as a freelancer on various projects. I worked there for 6years. I left the industry after my mother passed away. The whole family struggled in despair. 

I took a break from the industry and went to explore myself. A year later an idea struck me and my Production, my baby was born ‘Conjoined Indigos’. Everybody has their share of struggles. Sometimes you fail, sometimes it’s faith. I just Understood one thing, that is to just be patient and grow with time.

My aspiration in life is to be an International Director/ Producer holding the Oscar in my hand. And the main thing is to shoot a film on my mother’s book ‘IN SEARCH OF PEACE’ which was her dream. 

bald model ,cancer awareness

As for the future I don’t live in it and it doesn’t even concern me, what matters to me the most is to amend my present. And that is what inspires me.

The following Tags to be used on Social Media as follows for photos submitted.

Model: I_am_aaliyak7

Hair : bespoke_theworks

MUA: bushra_mehdi.s, lakmeacademymiraroad, lakmeacdemymaladwest

PC: fotocopy_vm

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