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Bhavya Jain: A Writer and Compiler, Shares her Story of Success

Bhavya Jain: A Writer and Compiler, Shares her Story of Success
Bhavya Jain: Writer & Compiler

Bhavya Jain, A Marketing Professional who hails from the city of Nawabs – Lucknow. An Alumna of IBS Hyderabad. A strong supporter of anthology projects. She has compiled anthologies – A Clean Slate, Mandala Poesy, and Men Speak for Menses and is working on a number of projects to inculcate new talents’ work in her book. She has received National Record for her book -Mandala Poesy.

Her work has been recognized among TOP 50 fiction stories on Inspitale. Also, her research article has been published in I.I.M Rohtak Impression Feb. 2019 issue.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How did you get an idea of Anthologies Compilation and how does it work?

Bhavya Jain: After getting my first break in a global anthology project in 2019, I got ample projects where I could write for. As a writer, my concern was that all work that I am writing is getting reached to the target audience or not. In India, mostly no one is aware of what anthology is. Indian readers are inclined more towards novels than collections of multiple writings. Even I as a reader was not aware until I got a break. From there itself, I was sure what exactly I have to do in the writing world. Like me, there are many new voices who want the space to showcase their work. I feel anthologies are the best platform where every new face gets a chance to get their work published. It was then that I started working towards anthologies. As a compiler created projects which people would love to read and writers can portray their creativity. It was difficult initially to market their work but am glad about all the efforts we were able to reach the target audience which I wanted. Since then I have been continuously working for more anthology markets. I am glad people want to work with me now.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: When did you think about this as a Career opportunity?

Bhavya Jain: After the publication of my book – A Clean Slate as a compiler, I was sure to move ahead with more projects. The motto was simple to bring out that work that is worth reading and holds a strong message for society. In my other project – Men Speak for menses where all-male writers spoke about menstruation openly. We were able to break the taboo about menstruation talk. Mandala Poesy is another project where I was able to bring the 12 best mandala artists from across the globe into my book. Their artwork given in the book has created magic. Anthologies are actually fun. You come across an ample number of new talents. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What kind of hurdles do you have to face at the beginning of your career?

Bhavya Jain: It was difficult to explain to everyone what exactly anthology is. What is my role? Am I just the contributor or is it the whole book written by me? What exactly a compiler does? I had to face these questions and honestly speaking these questions are still there in many minds. I guess I have just contributed 20%  to make them understand but together if we contribute I am pretty much sure, we can make anthologies equivalent to novels. 

Bhavya Jain

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What was your reaction when you get to know that now your work is being recognized at this level?

Bhavya Jain: “Finally” was the first word that came out of my mind when Mandala poesy received a National record and got its global release. Then, I got a chance in THE ECONOMIC TIMES initiative – Our moments of truth.  All my projects got their visibility because of the Unvoiced Heart publication house’s efforts also. Inspite of being a newbie they did everything to make things possible. We all were new in the market and all of us had to find many ways to reach what we all wanted. Where Indian readers were focused on novels, are continuous efforts have actually reached anthologies to some level. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Tell us about your greatest Strength?

Bhavya Jain: My family and my friends. My parents have always motivated me for what I wanted to do. My best friends – Seema, Sanskriti, and Ayushi without whom, probably years backs I would have not been the one I am today. And it would be wrong if I don’t mention Madhavi Ma’am here. Mentor, friend, and family, she has been package for me. I always remember what she conveyed to me when I was at my lowest that life is a beautiful landscape. You draw trees, rivers, beautiful flowers and you also draw mountains, valleys. So if you have to experience the landscape, you have to cross the mountains. Since then I have changed a lot. Even after going through depression, my mother stood with me really strong. Wonderful people around you nurture you well. My parents’ upbringing has made me what I am today. I am just blessed to be Mrs. Usha Rani Jain and Mr. Anil Kumar Jain’s daughter.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Which author do you believe are the most influential except you?

Bhavya Jain: I have just landed up in this writing world and growing. I have a long way to go but if you ask me whom I am a fan of. I am a big fan of Ruskin Bond sir. His books have influenced me the most and  I hope to meet him one day. The only one I find the best.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Describe the next 5 Years of your life & your plans?

Bhavya Jain: Well I have stopped planning. I know whatever is going to happen would be the best. I just want 5 years down the line, people love more of anthologies, buy more of anthologies and support new talents. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: One message for Mypencildotcom Readers?

Bhavya Jain: “What Resonates, Make It Write. Because when it’s from you, it will be for all.” The only motto I keep in my mind and heart now, that what you love just do that. Everything requires time and patience. Everything is going to have its own hurdle. You will fail. You will get tired but that’s the only fun. If life was easy, why would be it life? Keep moving. Keep working hard. You will get what you want. Live every second of your life. Things will happen when they have to.