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Devi Chitralekha talks about her life journey & 2021 Plans.

Devi Chitralekha talks about her life journey & 2021 Plans.

Interviewing with the Chitralekha:

On the beautiful occasion of Maha Shivaratri, our team interviewed  Chitralekha who motivates thousands of people through her Bhagavatha.

Chitralekha did her first Bhaghvatha at the age of seven which took place nearby Tapovan of Brindavan. Though she was not expected huge people for her first Bhagavatha. Almost ten thousand people were gathered and made the Bhaghavatha successful.

     As a child, she got introduced to the path of spirituality at the age of four which makes us curious about her childhood. All her family members were following the spirituality at that time which made her take Deeksha from the Guru at such an early age. If one needs to start their journey of spirituality and Bhagavatha is first taught through Guru is called Deeksha. The environment of Bhakti among all family members made her become one among them.

Devi Chitralekha talks about JOY:

        Not being chosen Bhaghavatha as career or profession but the joy, the happiness felt in doing Bhaghavath is experienced by Chitralekha. She strongly believes that her life is fully dedicated, devoted to Bhaghavath and every essence of her life is filled with Bhagavatha.

Devi Chitralekha

She says” Every breath lies in Bhagavatha, I didn’t choose this path but this Bhagavatha has chosen me and this made me blessed”.

      On seeing dedicated her life to Bhaghavatha, the vision and the spirit to bring changes to society are remarkable. The people in present society need motivation for their life and a Motivator is the one who had gone through a similar hardship process and successful in conveying to others about the do’s and don’t’s. Just like the role played in the movie, the Universe had given each and everyone something to do. Some people like to bring changes in society through their activity and responsibilities in their life. Those who want to bring changes in society face many hardships                 The Story of Rama Setu is known to all that the squirrels in this story made tiny help that would be remembered as how they bring sand to shore to build Setu by helping Rama. Though the squirrels are small yet their spirit to contribute something to Rama is noted. Like that  Chitralekha tells her tiny contribution to bring changes in society.

Devi Chitralekha shows spiritual path.

Filled with full of spirituality and positivity in life, She says,” If we want to give someone something, we need to have something in our life.” And this made us realize that she could share positivity and spirituality with the people. Her thoughts are pure and effective, seeing her spirit makes us follow the spiritual path.

   Along with part of spirituality, she intended to bring awareness of cruelty faced by animals, cruelty faced by women from society, and for those girls who want an independent life. These issues faced by people are somehow connected to Bhaghavtha, where the solutions that can be found are simply shown to people by Chitralekha.

It is noted that long ago the audience of the Bhagavatha was mainly old aged people but when the Bhagavatha is done by younger people, then it is not much difficult to bring a younger audience. So the whole idea is to bring youth to the spiritual path, without the connection of spirituality none of the great motivation affects the mind of individual growth.

Devi Chitralekha’s Vision

The vision of ten years from now: Somebody said,” you cannot change your future but you can change your habits, eventually the habits can change your future”. The Bhaghavatha are very important for life because,

If you take any Shastras or any Bhaghavatha one can find about the fact that the more we live and invest in the present moment, will give you the fruits for tomorrow or upcoming days or years. So upcoming generations can be changed much if they are put on the right path not as in the materialistic world. So what we do in our present is important.

Rather than seeking temporary happiness like watching films and eating foods, people need permanent happiness and it is obtained only through spirituality. Though the priority is to bring people to spirituality, awareness of animals facing cruelty is also one of the main concerns of Chitralekha. As a lover of animals, she took great initiation by building a hospital for cows and other animals and lot of young people came forward as a volunteer to serve and taking care of animals.

Devi Chitralekha Tells failure cannot be reason to loss of life.

As Indians, we need to be proud that we are born in the holy land Bharatha in which the country is filled with full of Shastras and each Shastra has a significant place of its own. Among them, the Bhagavth Gita is special because it is the combination of all the Shastras as single which gives the solution of every aspect of the life of people. Bhagavad Gita is the holy book that should be read by everyone at least once in a lifetime. It is not a theist or atheist thing to read, but the sufferings, the problems we face in our life have the solutions. A simple example like failing an exam is not a reason to commit suicide and also the failing relationship is also not a reason to get depressed in a lifetime are the importance of reading Bhagavath Gita.

Struggling, Sufferings are the aspects that everyone avoids most. The solution for this is peace of mind, which then makes us question the meaning of peace in life. The things that are lost are found in the place where it is lost. So instead of finding peace in a materialistic world where it doesn’t even exist is to be found within ourselves. The irregular routine, indiscipline lifestyle are making bigger problems in youth as depression. The easy methods to come out of depression are just changing irregularities to regular aspect by following the time table for eating in time-sleep in time- wake in time-work in time is the key. The timetable followed along with filling spirituality makes finding peace within ourselves. So the reading Shastra makes life on track without suffering. 

An interview by Prasun Kulshrestha