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Dolly Singh a senior business analyst shares her story with Mypencildotcom

Dolly Singh a senior  business analyst shares her story with Mypencildotcom

MYPENCILDOTCOM: When did you realized that you must participate for fashion contest?

Dolly Singh: During Lockdown I realised I might utilise my time towards some creative things as I had a lot of time on my hands because I lost my job last year due to Covid -19. During that period I was a bit depressed about my job , career but then later I thought I could work out , maintain myself and showcase things which I am good at.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How your professional career as Business analyst in managed when you also participate in fashion events?

Dolly Singh: My career as business analyst was quite well successfully running , so through the year I had accumulated some leave balances in my account . I asked my manager to move some schedules during my preparation according to my practice sessions. Also , even during my work as I am working from home I found some time for myself for grooming , dressing , styling etc.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How was your experience when you became Indie Royal Miss India 2021?

Dolly Singh: The experience was inexplicable , something which cannot be expressed in words. For the very first time during my working life , also especially after sitting at home for good two years I found my way out of home and went straight to the competition where I met so many different women, different personalities from all walks of life, Teachers, Professors , Martial artists, Pub Owners, Singers, Dancers , Actors from north to south India. I enjoyed every moment during the competition 3 day event where I ate delicious food, wore beautiful dresses , performed in front of people, got clicked by different photographers , was in the news and being watched live. That thing , these moments during the competition brought me back to life. So, this very competition brought back me to life amongst some finest people of India with whom I got the opportunity to be with for 3 days. Not to forget I also won a subtitle of Miss Supranational Diva ( the one whose beauty could even transcend borders) 2021.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How do you prepare yourself as fashion model ?

Dolly Singh: I just eat the right food, I am a big foodie, I eat a lot and try to maintain myself through some work out of martial arts. I drink warm water at times luke warm water during the day or night to burn extra fat. I walk during mornings and noon to burn some calories . That’s it . Meanwhile I also travel places and get myself clicked by some good photographers and  cell phones hence I have some good pictures collections. I clean my skin with organic materials and apply oil mostly during the night when I sleep.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You also support an NGO ; Nand Care foundation, please share more details about your participation in this.

Dolly Singh: I have been actively part of an NGO named Nari Shakti Blood Donation team where we help people for blood donation, platelets etc . After Lockdown I have also supported Nand Care Foundation which helps people of Bihar Jharkhand affected by flood , lockdown and covid crisis. We help them to have meals at least 2 times a day as they are mostly daily wage earners and most of them have lost their livelihoods during the covid crisis.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You also practice BJJ, Wing Chun karate, Boxing, fighting in  Delhi knockout fight club, tell us more about your passion related to this?

Dolly Singh: I studied from Delhi University where I also,pursued self Defence so that was first, After that during my stay in Delhi when I was looking for job and started working I joined Delhi Knockout flight club in 2017 – 2018 to learn MMA and fights I was very eager to learn flights and survive them as it helps you survive and sail through difficulties of life. Now here in my hometown during my workout in order to lose weight I started learning Karate to keep myself fit and at times used to go through dancing to keep myself fit.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You also actively pray Bhagwat Geetha, Why is your trust in this holy book  so important for you?

Dolly Singh: I was a devout member of Iskcon Temple Delhi while I was in Delhi. So , during my free time, especially Sunday, I used to go for mass gatherings, feed people, do artis , bhajan and I was a member of Sandhya Bhajan group. Also , on leave used to visit during days and watch laser shows on Bhagwat Geeta. It is important to keep my mind peaceful as I am occupied with a lot of stuff as I keep myself very busy with not just work but with extra curricular activities. So , to keep myself calm and content , composing the holy book has played a very important role in my life to educate myself through that.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: One message for readers of mypencildotcom magazine.

Dolly Singh: My message for the readers would be , it’s never too late to start your life. Just believe in yourself. Have faith and try to help as many needy people as you can as someday you might reap the good work that you have done in the past. You might realise that in every walks of your life. Life’s short so try to live up your life as much as possible.