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Eesha Agarwal ka naya Jhol jhal ! Khabar Ek dum Solid hai! Gupp-Shapp with Eesha

Eesha Agarwal ka naya Jhol jhal ! Khabar Ek dum Solid hai! Gupp-Shapp with Eesha

Eesha Agarwal, very talented actress from Maharastha is now in news for her new Jhol Jhal. But this Jhol Jhal is about her new marathi film named ” Jhol jhal” She is the leading actress in the film and Mypencildotcom spoke to her during live interview about her experiance working for this film.


Mypencildotcom: What was your reaction when you get to know about the movie?

Eesha: When I heard the script, I was very excited about it because the script was very hilarious, thriller and comedy. I wanted to be a part of this movie.

Eesha agarwal speaks to Mypencildotcom

Mypencildotcom: Did you think there are any differences between the regional, theatre, and Bollywood industries?

Eesha: I’m more comfortable in Marathi cinema as it is my second language. Even in school, I had Marathi as my second language. It’s a great opportunity for an actress like us and I would love to do more Marathi movies because they had a good storyline. But, if I’ll ever get an opportunity to do Telugu or Tamil movies, I’ll do it.

Mypencildotcom: Have you ever done any ‘Jhol Jhal’ in your real life?

Eesha: Yes, during my school and college days I used to lie that I’m going for extra studies and instead I used to party with my friends. These are the little Jhol Jhal that I have done in my real life.

Mypencildotcom: Comedy movies are often very tough to perform, so how was your experience?

Eesha: Obviously, it was quite difficult to perform comedy scenes and even I have to prepare myself to perform much better in front of the camera.

Mypencildotcom: Who used to do ‘Jhol Jhal’ on the set?

Eesha: It was great working with Manoj Joshi because he is a very charming personality, he gave us many life lessons, shared his experience also, used to talk about food, and cracked some jokes. I’ll cherish those moments.

Mypencildotcom: What type of role would you like to perform in the future?

Eesha: I would like to perform all types of roles, whether it is comedy, thriller, emotional, or any other. I just want to explore myself by performing every type of role. I’m ready to perform a negative role as well.

Mypencildotcom:  Which is your biggest regret in life in the context of your acting career?

Eesha: Men and Women should be treated equally. I think women are still not treated equally regarding the script and payment. Scripts are male-dominated and maybe there is payment differentiation too.

Mypencildotcom: What are all the improvements that you’ve noticed in yourself?

Eesha: I’ve improved my expressions because I think my expressions were too loud in my previous movies but then I realized that dialogues and expressions should be subtle. It should be very natural and normal.

Trailer of jhol Jhal :