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An Interview With Prof. Ferry Bhatia: Exclusive, Shares her Story.

An Interview With Prof.  Ferry Bhatia: Exclusive, Shares her Story.
Prof. Ferry Bhatia

Ferry Bhatia Belongs to a Well Educated Family, she followed her Parent’s Benchmark of Teaching Profession so she did Masters in  Journalism and Mass Communication. She wrote a many Articles In Newspaper and Magazines, and Received Many Awards for her Academics.

Here she share her Story with Mypencildotcom Magazine.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Is there any particular moment that stand for you and what inspire you?

Ferry Bhatia: The particular moment that I remember is when my first writeup came in the newspaper. When my photograph came in the newspaper for the first time when I was in   Masters. Entering into the journalism field and self motivation factor ,to do something in life inspired me to write in the newspapers

MYPENCILDOTCOM Is there any achievement that you are most proud of ? Why?

Ferry Bhatia: when my interview came in the hindi newspaper along with my family photograph. it spoke all about my achievements in the young age. This was the special moment that I am proud of. The reason for being proud was that my entire family was very happy. Getting interviewed in the renowned newspaper was their word of mouth. My parents were proud of me but my in laws felt more special as it was for the first time that any family member appeared in the newspaper.  

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What was the biggest challenge you were facing and what did you do to try to solve this?

Ferry Bhatia: The biggest challenge I was facing was balancing  my professional and personal life. Especially when i got pregnant, having severe health issues , doing job and maintaining balance between them moreover taking care of my new born baby along with was more challenging. I being educated , motivated my inner strength that i can do it. I used to tell my self that ferry you are educated can balance these situations. So I am maintaining balance. My major concern was that none should be sufferer.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How did it feel when you got award?

Ferry Bhatia: facing all challenges, striking balance between personal and professional life, I worked hard day and night  and getting laurels was very motivating . I felt special as I was on the top most sky. My hardship paid me….

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Is there anything you would like to share with mypencildotcom readers?

Ferry Bhatia: I would tell the readers to work hard in life. Leave all obstacles behind and word harder and harder. Success will automatically come.