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Young fitness coach Sonali Gupta goes Digital during COVID-19 2021 :

Young fitness coach Sonali Gupta goes Digital during COVID-19 2021 :

FITNESS COACH Shares her life journey.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Kindly tell us about your childhood ambition.

Sonali: As a child, it was my dream and ambition to explore underwater life. I wanted to be a professional scuba diver after I went snorkeling for the first time at age 12. Although I’m not a professional diver. I am a licensed advanced scuba diver with over 100 dives and do it recreationally.

fitness coach Sonali Gupta

Fitness coach Profession.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Fitness is an important aspect, when did you realize to make this a Profession?

Sonali: I battled with weight problems growing up and I decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle. I started training at age 15 and fitness became my passion. Over the next few years, I was committed to my nutrition and exercise regime and managed to obtain a healthy and fit lifestyle. I found so much happiness and contentment in this field and realized I can help others achieve their fitness goals. I just knew this is what I want to pursue professionally and on 19 (2004) I received my first Aerobics certification.

Fitness coach Certifications:

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Which all areas of fitness do you practiced & have got certifications or recognitions?

Sonali: I am a certified instructor in Pilates, Barre, strong nation, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, bollyfitx, and strength and conditioning. I am also faculty for Flexi fit pilates with Gofitness Academy and teach other aspiring pilates instructors.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You had once health studio, tell us about it.

Sonali: I had my own GX (group exercise) studio in south Delhi which offered a variety of different classes ranging from aerobics and dance fitness, yoga and pilates and kickboxing and weight training, personal coaching, and nutrition counseling. I had a great team of instructors under me and I took several batches as well. We often had different fitness and dance workshops on weekends. Due to the pandemic, the studio closed in march 2020.

Fitness coach Online Health Sessions:

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Do you feel people get honest & involved in online health sessions?

Sonali: Because of the lockdown last year, there was a huge demand for online fitness classes. I thought it was a temporary phase but now it has been 1 whole year and my studio ” Sonali’s Fitness Virtual studio” has grown 10 times with clients from all over India and abroad (Dubai, Milan, Australia). Clients are very honest and extremely involved in online fitness coaching. So my clients have often mentioned they would prefer online training even when the pandemic lifts as it’s so convenient with no wastage in time and commute. The ease and comfort of working out from your home are great. Clients who do take online classes are very dedicated and focused on their fitness goals. Most clients train with me 4 times a week.

Few websites shares more details about how to maintain health during digital world.

As efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19, see gyms and sports facilities close throughout Europe, many people can no longer follow their usual exercise routines.

To stay fit and healthy, the NHS advises adults to do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week or around 20 to 30 minutes a day, but this may be difficult to achieve while homebound.

In response to the crisis, a variety of digital offerings have sprung up to ensure people can continue exercise while social distancing.

Wearable giant Fitbit announced in a blog post, that it is supporting people during the pandemic by offering 90-day free trials of its Fitbit Premium and Fitbit Coach services. The premium service includes more than 150 workouts, while Fitbit Coach allows users to stream workout videos on phones or computers. 

Meanwhile, online fitness membership, GymCube told MobiHealthNews it was seeing a surge in users. Co-founder and master trainer, Katie Cooke said: “We have certainly seen an increase in users due to social isolation, especially since the closure of gyms. The public are aware of the importance of health and fitness in their daily lives and clearly want to keep up their workout routine.”

An interview by Prasun Kulshrestha