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“Get Styled by Pash”, a Fashion Luxury Brand with label “Pash” is out now. Read exclusive interview with Pash about her brand.

“Get Styled by Pash”, a Fashion Luxury Brand with label “Pash” is out now. Read exclusive interview with Pash about her brand.

A young budding fashion designer, clothing brand,  has come up with a start up of Sustainable Fashion Luxury brand ” Get Styled by Pash” with label ” Pash” , let’s know more about the brand with an interview with the Brand owner Ms. Pashmeen Kaur aka Pash.

Be you, be a stylish and a confident Queen and own the world as your runway✌️
– Pash

Q.1 We would like to know more about your luxury brand “Get styled by Pash”?

Ans:- My brand is about luxurious fashion accessories made in compliance with sustainability and affordability factor. I believe all the woman deserves to look glamorous and dread dropping gorgeous without paying exorbitant price for the branded fashion accessories. I wish to impart them more confidence and empowerment through my statement accessories. Moreover, I believe that the Sustainable Fashion is the need of the time and we need to combat excessive carbon foot prints caused by fast Fashion, therefore this thought gave me the vision to embark upon my Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brand with label “Pash”.

Q2. Please tell us about your first collection ” The Luxurious Black”
And:- My first collection “Luxurious Black” has black as its prime most color embellished with studs, pearls, gold embroidery and stones, built into Fashion Collars, Masks, Belts, Capes and jewels. As I believe black has been a style staple in fashion field since years which can go almost with any outfit and moreover and my favorite quote justifies love for black “She always wears black, but she has the most colorful mind.” I personally prefer wearing black the most and consider it as color of power and strength and ferociousness. For me it’s a style statement for empowered and independent women.

Q3. What are the distinctive features of your brand’s products?

Ans. My detachable accessories are designed by keeping 3 factors into mind- Style, Sustainability and Affordability. The designed accessories can go with multiple outfits, yet transforming regular dress into new look without making any new additional purchase for new garment and even the cost of my accessories would fall into a pocket friendly budget of the client. Moreover my accessories can be paired with client’s regular clothes for giving them a new stylish look. The main vision behind my accessories is to support and empower every woman who wishes to look stylish within pocket friendly budget and also who don’t want to get engaged into the fast fashion.

Q4. What are the future prospects of your brand?
Ans:- To go more Sustainable and expand the Brand’s horizon into the fields of Refashioning and Green Fashion ahead, yet making it more luxurious and stylish while keeping the cost of my accessories in the reach of almost every person who’s keen on wearing stylish accessories. Apart from this I want to set up a digital platform for ramp walks for not only for fashion models but for common woman and girls also for showcasing their beauty and stylish aura.
Though brand’s long term vision is to establish it’s stores chain worldwide with it’s diversified categories serving men, women and kids further. Although my present online platform caters both national and international clients, however, I wish to come up soon with my offline store as well.

Q5. Whom would you like to give the credits of support throughout your fashion career and brand launch?
Ans. Apart from the spark of setting up my own label and almighty’s grace, my mom and brother has been a consistent spine support throughout my journey of fashion field, from being a Senior Fashion designer to a Luxury brand Owner, all has become possible from the motivational and backend support from them. Moreover, I would also like to accentuate upon the efforts and hard work of my production team who worked hard all along within the short span of cycle and made it all happen.

Q6. At the end of interview we wish you all the best for your brand’s launch and future prospects.
Ans:- Thank you so much for the best wishes and for having me here.