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Grand Master Manindera Kang: A Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer, Crystal Healer, Tarot Card Reader & Reiki Therapist.

Grand Master Manindera Kang: A Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer, Crystal Healer, Tarot Card Reader & Reiki Therapist.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: When and how did you decide to learn Reiki?

Manindera Kang: I was always in tune with energies almost all of my life. Reiki I decided to learn at a very later stage, Before that only I had some kind of energy skills, by doing yoga and meditation. Also I had experienced reiki all my life as my mother was attuned with Reiki Energy around 2002; so whenever I used to get physically ill or mentally disturbed She used to give me healing and that Healing energy Somewhere has been present in my body always. I decided to learn Reiki when I was in too much mental stress and felt that I need something to protect myself, I need something to heal myself, but never in a million years I thought that I’ll ever take it ahead as a profession and build my own organisation as Uniting Flames and start doing Energy Healing and will be guided towards Crystals by the Universe and give people more and more information on how to use Crystals and when to use them and being a Spiritual Mentor for so many and will guide them on the right path by teaching them the skills of Healing and By activating their energy. I honestly learnt it for myself, to heal my own body, to heal my mental and emotional self. That was somewhere in 2016-17 that I decided to learn Reiki when I was all alone in a foreign country studying and working. From there it all started and as we say Universe always has a bigger plan so it got me into this path of Spirituality so I can fulfil my soul purpose of spreading awareness about the Gifts of Mother earth which are Crystals and spread the message of Oneness amongst all.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: From where you get inspiration to learn Reiki?

Manindera Kang: So the inspiration always came from my mother, she’s always the one I tell everything to because I know somewhere that she has all the solutions to my problems and she only guided me on this path, I wasn’t ready to give it even a thought, but she told me to learn it as I knew how much Reiki has protected me all my life because I kept getting the healing from her. So one night, I randomly received a text message from my mother, it was a video of a tarot read, before this I didn’t know anything about tarot. I never used listen to these reads and horoscopes and all, so she said just for once listen to it, and in the whole read of Pisces she kept saying Pisces you’ll learn some healing, some energy technique and she used the work Reiki and there was another sign from the Universe for me to learn Reiki. Then I started looking for some healers online and that’s where it all started from.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How do you think you can heal people with Reiki & Crystal Healer, how does it help?

Manindera Kang:  For healing people I don’t just use Reiki, I use more of my intuition and I get in touch with their energies. Being an empath, I can feel what they are going through, also I can read their aura and chakras to actually see what’s wrong with them. And most of the time what people tell you is not even the case it’s something else triggering them that they have got such physical issues, so on my part I use my intuition to guide them first about the thing that is bothering them, then give them some energy healing sessions so they can calm their mind and think about what I said and observe their life more clearly and then I do use Crystals to help them maintain that positivity, maintain that peace that they have received through healing. For some I only do work with Crystal, I energise crystals with my energy and affirmations and tell them to wear it or keep it at a certain place and then they start seeing changes in their life in about 3-5 days. So it all comes back to the energies I have received from the Universe and by doing the required rituals and meditations I keep increasing my energies so I can increase more intuition. I also help them heal by themselves by suggesting them particular energy activation courses that I teach and make them do particular yoga poses and meditations and ritual in divine timings so they can feel the flow of energy in their body and start healing themselves. Crystal in itself carry immense amount of energy that most people are unaware of and also they have to wear it as per their aura and chakra system not just by looking at the properties because as I mentioned most of the time what people think is not the actual concern in their body, 99% of the time it’s something else as in some emotional or mental imbalance or some sort of negativity that they have attracted towards themselves. So it’s just like herbs- a gift from mother earth but not every herb suits your organs system same way not every crystal suits your energy so we must be very careful while choosing crystals and ask an energy healer to check our energies and aura and then suggest the required crystal and also should be aware of the proper cleansing process of those crystals.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What kind of people come to you for healing and how do you help them to heal their problems?

Manindera Kang: People usually come up with their physical issues or when they are in too much stress in their work life or are having difficulties in their relationships with family. Every problem has it’s own solution, once it all comes back to me looking at their chakras by having a look at their recent picture or by a video call so I can feel their energies more properly and can guide them the right way. One thing that people don’t understand is that physical issue is the last stage of whatever they have been dealing with till now. Before this they had been feeling emotional/ mental imbalance or stress or anxiety or the peace somewhere was missing but very less amount of people realise mental health is as important as physical health because things are easier to heal at a mental or emotional level. When it comes to physical health it takes a lot more time to heal and get out of the situation. But Universe always has a solution for everything, Some can just be healed by Reiki healing, some would just need to use Crystals in form of bracelets, pendants or crystal trees or pyramids to help them heal from whatever situation they are in. I also sometimes customise healing kits and bracelets for people by checking their energies and aura and find put the best possible way to heal them naturally. Some just meditation helps so I record meditations in my own voice for them that they have to listen to it daily in whichever posture I tell them to do. The ultimate goal is to heal them by whatever means it’s not a concern for me, I give them whatever is required for that specific person be it essential oils, Crystals, Meditation or just daily yoga.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: In the last few years, many people are going mentally depressed and in this corona period, the situation has become worse, in such a situation what do you want to suggest to them, how do they heal themselves?

Manindera Kang: Definitely Corona period has been tough for most people but I have seen so many souls evolving during this time by doing inner work. So for everyone else who is still in this state of depression or stress or anxiety, I suggest them to do daily meditation especially which can ground their energies and can connect them to source/ universe and also start by practicing daily yoga to have a proper flow of energy in their body and fee the difference that it’ll bring in their daily life and how effectively they’ll be able to come out of stress and anxiety. If possible they can even try doing some chakra balancing meditation just to get in alignment with their inner self and see what their inner self has in store for them and try to find out their soul purpose in life for which they were sent on this planet earth.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What more you are going to do to reach public at large?

Manindera Kang: I will keep on taking the advantage of bigger platforms like Youtube as I already have a channel by Uniting Flames, TV channels, Magazines, Books to help increase the awareness about Crystals, Energy healing, Meditations and Yoga. Also, we will soon start building more and more platforms to conduct workshops to help people feel this flow of energy in their body and help them heal naturally. For now I’m using Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Magazines, Books, Workshops as a tool to spread the peace all over and help people get in touch with their inner self so they don’t have to look for peace anywhere else.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What is your main Goal of your life?

The main Goal on life to help people find peace within themselves and help them connect with the energies of the Universe. I want more and more people to start walking on the path of Spirituality which doesn’t mean leaving everything aside like their jobs and all but atleast get in touch with their higher self for any guidance they need in life and find the actual joy, happiness within their ownself. They shouldn’t need any outer support to make them happy but the happiness, joy , peace , love should come from within and that’s only possible when people recognise the actual gifts of Mother nature, when people recognise the energies of the Universe and start feeling them at a deeper level and Go into a deep state of meditation and increase their supernatural powers that are being sent by the Universe in some form or the other.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What message you want to give our readers?

Manindera Kang: One message that I want to give all readers is that Find the Gifts of Mother earth, Find your inner balance and not get anxious about anything in life. Universe is always there to grant us what we ask for but it always comes when the time is right. We can be in a hurry, Universe is never in a rush, it knows when the time is right so by being patient and by practicing more yoga, meditation and learning the flow of energy in our body, learning about the energy points we must stay balanced and maintain that inner balance within ourselves. We are all here to serve a higher purpose, so let’s give sometime out for ourselves and try to find out why we were sent on this planet earth and what is our soul purpose for this lifetime and that is only possible when we in ourselves stay aligned and always ask the Universe for guidance.