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Haji Ali – Carrom Sensational Instagrammer speaks to Mypencildotcom

Haji Ali – Carrom Sensational Instagrammer speaks to Mypencildotcom
Haji Ali Agariya

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How did you start your journey of Carrom?

Haji Ali: I started my journey by uploading videos on tik-tok and spent a lot of money for being famous but nothing worked. Even, I uninstalled tik-tok for almost six months and started concentrating on my business. One day, suddenly an idea stroked in my mind that I’m such a good player of Carrom, why shouldn’t I try something onto this.

I went to my friend’s tea and told him that I wanted to make a Carrom stall here and he agreed. I randomly made a video and it went viral. My followers increased to five million in just a time period of six months.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Whatwas your second option if you would haven’t succeeded in it?

Haji Ali: My second option would have been my business but I never thought of this because I was very confident and it was my dream to be famous. Even, I spent 3-4 lakhs and told my mother to not to stop from doing all these things because I have to fulfil my dream no matter whatever I have to do.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: According to you,how social media will influence the future generation and what’s the importance of this platform?

Haji Ali: This platform is very important and it has changed the lifestyle of many people. They are getting a recognition and money from this platform. Even, I earned 20,000 from a single video and I used to make five videos daily.

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MYPENCILDOTCOM: What will you choose between Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok?

Haji Ali: I’ll choose tik-tok, even I earn a good amount of money from Instagram through an advertisement or a video. I’m being recognized as a Carrom King, nobody knows me from my real name.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What was the reaction of your family in this whole journey of yours?

Haji Ali: They used to scold me when I was nothing and always used to tell me work and earn money. When I started my journey, I told my mother: “Don’t stop me from spending money”. I’m earning one lakh daily and now I tell my mom that this is your money, you can spend whatever amount you can. After being successful, I’ve not changed myself. For me everyone is equal and I’ve never differentiated between rich and poor.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: As you said that you invested money before being famous, so what do you think is it compulsory to invest?

Haji Ali: No, I don’t think that it is important to invest because it’s all about talent. Similarly, one day I planned to do something different,so I decided to make a Carrom video blindfolded. My videos used to get viral very fast, and even I made a Carrom advertisement. I made a video and the company liked my video in first shot only. That company got profit in lakhs and video became viral. They sent me an iPhone through a parcel.