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Harshaali Malhotra shares her life journey after winning 12th Bharat Ratna Dr.Ambedkar Award 2022 : EXCLUSIVE

Harshaali Malhotra shares her life journey after winning 12th Bharat Ratna Dr.Ambedkar Award 2022 : EXCLUSIVE

Harshali Malhotra aka “Munni from Bajrangi Bhijaan”

MYPENCILDOTCOM Magazine speaks to Harshaali Malhotra in a LIVE interview and she shared her loving memory & experiance working as child artist in Bajrangi Bhaijan. She has also recently won 12th Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award 2022.

Mypencildotcom- How was working with team ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’?

Harshaali– I was the youngest actor on the set and everyone used to pamper me a lot. They used to play with me during the breaks. I and Salman uncle used to go and play table tennis.

Mypencildotcom- What was the best learning experience working with team Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Harshaali– Yes, I used to get many pieces of advice from Salman uncle and Kabir sir. Salman uncle once told me that an actor shouldn’t express his bad health condition while acting, and I always implement his advice in my real life.


Mypencildotcom- What is your ambition in life?

Harshaali– My ambition is to become an actress and now I’m preparing myself and improving my skills.

Mypencildotcom– How do you manage studies along with acting?

Harshaali– Acting has my heart and it is my passion, studies are also important for me. From Monday to Friday, my whole focus is on academics. From Friday to Sunday evening, I used to make reels and perform other curricular activities like gymnastics and martial arts.

Mypencildotcom- Recently you received the 12th Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award 2022, please share your experience while winning this award?

Harshaali– I was very excited, happy, and got overwhelmed while receiving the award. I received this award from the governor of Maharashtra, he congratulated me and gave blessings for my upcoming future.

Mypencildotcom- Who is the inspiration in your life?

Harshaali– There is not any inspiration as such. My only dream is to become an actress since childhood and see myself on the big screen.

Mypencildotcom- Five things you like about Salman Khan?

Harshaali- He is a very loving, caring, supportive, down-to-earth person, and we used to laugh a lot whenever we sit together.

Mypencildotcom- Do you have any other hobbies like singing or writing?

Harshaali– Now, my only focus is on acting but I would like to try singing in the future.

Mypencildotcom- How did you manage your health during the Covid era?

Harshaali– I, along with my mother and brother used to do Yoga and drink ‘Kaadha’ at night.

Mypencildotcom- One message for the readers of Mypencildotcom.

Harshaali– One must take care of himself/herself during the pandemic, wear a mask and follow all the precautions. Another message is that one should follow all his dreams and work hard to achieve them.