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“Main Karachi Se Hun!” Got him Famous: Stand up Comedy Khan, Haseeb Khan!

“Main Karachi Se Hun!” Got him Famous: Stand up Comedy Khan, Haseeb Khan!


Mypencildotcom: How did you decide on the title ‘Main Karachi Se Hoon’?

Haseeb: We weren’t able to decide on the title of the video and I was very confused about it. We had to keep one suitable title or three different titles that were related to my video. Those three words were Karachi, Vellapan, and nine girlfriends, but I didn’t like the concept of three different titles. One of my friends suggested that I should keep ‘Main Karachi Se Hoon’ as a title and yaa we finalized it.

Mypencildotcom: How did you feel when you get the opportunity to host your comedy shows in different cities?

Haseeb: I feel very happy because it was one of my dreams which is getting fulfilled now. Whenever someone asks whether I’m free on a particular day or not and then I have to think, that makes me very satisfied that I’m doing something in my life.

Mypencildotcom: Do you think there is any future as a stand-up comedian?

Haseeb: Yes obviously, this career has just begun in India and people have started recognizing the stand-up comedians, it will go very far in the future. It’s just been 11 to 12 years and if I have been working for the last four years, then I’m glad to be a part of this.

Mypencildotcom: What are your plans and how this has changed your life?

Haseeb: I was very lazy before but now I have changed myself because I’m getting shows now. Sometimes, I have to cancel my work because I get very tired and for me, it’s just the beginning. Apart from stand-up comedy, I’m also getting opportunities in acting and poetry. I’m just enjoying my work because it makes me very happy.

Mypencildotcom: How did you manage the situation where it’s very difficult to make audiences laugh?

Haseeb: Such situations are very less where some people are willingly not laughing and if somehow this type of situation arises, then I stop looking at them and start looking at those people who are laughing and enjoying my show.

Mypencildotcom: Who is your ideal or inspiration in life?

Haseeb: I’m a huge fan of Zakir Khan, not only as a comedian but also, because he’s a great personality. I follow him personally and his style is also fantastic. Another one is Jaspreet Singh; he’s also my favorite and I like his work as well.

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Mypencildotcom: Any one message you would like to deliver to the audience of Mypencildotcom.

Haseeb: Do whatever makes you happy and always listen to your heart. Try to do all those things which you want to do and then, at last, choose any one thing as your profession that makes you happy and satisfies you.