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Inspiring Gaur Gopal Das

Inspiring Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is an Electrical Engineer, having studied at the College Of Engineering, Pune. After a brief stint with Hewlett Packard, he decided to upgrade his career to be a life coach. Ever since he has been speaking at various prestigious academic institutions and corporate firms in India and abroad for over 2 decades and has even spoken at the United Nations and THRICE at the British parliament. He has spoken at many charity events to raise funds for social initiatives in the field of education and rural development. His motivational videos are viral having reached around 500 million views. With over 5.6 million followers on Facebook .

“The Gita is not a scripture. The Gita is a style of living and a way of living.”

Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das Exclusive interview with MyPencilDotCom

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Gaur Gopal Das is a monk who brings smiles on people’s faces with knowledge. Gaur Gopal Das, an international life coach with roots in Rajasthan. You cannot assess his personality by hearing the words of Saints for International Life Coach Gaur Gopal Das, who is associated with the roots of the Marwari Jain family of Rajasthan, he is very practical and cheerful on the Saints. He imparts knowledge to people by his words, but motivates people by doing Internet through his discourse, very deep knowledge is hidden in his discourses. There is huge learning which he puts into people’s hearts very easily.

He studied as an electrical engineer from the College of Engineering Pune. He then had a brief stint with Hewlett-Packard. After this, he decided to dedicate his life as a monk and life guide and continues on the same path until today. Gaur Gopal Das is a disciple of Radhanath Swami and a senior saint in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness “(ISKCON). The way Gaur Gopal Das talks or gives discourses is amazing. He explains such things related to life, which help to change people’s attitude towards life. Gaur Gopal Das is a monk who brings smiles to people’s faces with knowledge. During his recent visit to London, he was invited to deliver a speech in the British Parliament. Excerpts from his conversation: –

MyPencilDotCom: If you were an electrical engineer, how did you turn to spirituality?

Gaur Gopal Das: From childhood, I was interested in spirituality, but since childhood, there was also a desire to do something different for the world. I hated mediocre. Mediocrity is limited. The world is doing the same. When we did engineering, we thought that if we want to change the world, then machines can also be made, but many people make machines, it is very important to change them. When we change them, then machines will also become right and work in society. Man is also a machine, so thought we should work on them.

Gaur Gopal Das

MyPencildotcom: What is the difference between dreams and goals?

Gaur Gopal Das: When you write the dream, step by step, and start working on it, then the dream becomes the goal. Otherwise only the imagery of the mind remains.

“The Gita is not a scripture. The Gita is a style of living and a way of living”

Gaur Gopal Das

MyPencildotcom: What should today’s youth learn from the Gita?

Gaur Gopal Das: The Gita is not a scripture. The Gita is a style of living and a way of living. One of the most important things of the Gita we want to tell is that on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna inspired the Pandavas to fight the war. We always wonder how a peace envoy can inspire to fight a war but when it comes to religion, there is a need to fight a war as well. We say that the resources which are there, if the resources of the world are in the wrong hands, then there will be wrong work in the world and society.Power in the hands of the Kauravas, resources in the hands of the Kauravas means destruction in the society. That is why in Kurukshetra, Shri Krishna inspired the Pandavas to fight so that there would be a change of power, transfer of resources. When power and resources come into the right hands, the right thing happens in society. This is the message to all the youths, youths, and young people, that all resources should be earned.
The Gita message is not to reduce ambitions, if it were, then Krishna would not have inspired the war in Kurukshetra about the Pandavas. Power is important, resources are necessary, but good use is equally important for society. Don’t just make ice cream, be a candle that melts even if you want to light others.

MyPencilDotCom : How do you inspire youth for a practical and cheerful life beyond the spiritual?

Gaur Gopal Das: Our personality is very serious and very gracious but when I was with youngsters in some city , I saw that their attentions are very low, only 7-8 minutes as much as Gold Fish. Whenever you go to teach such serious principles to those with less attention, what will they learn? But if you package it properly, the same thing happens to them. First, it should be properly packaged. Then his theory should be relevant. Reach them according to the time and if brief, they listen.