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Jaya Kishori talks about Marriage & Politics in 2021 ! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Jaya Kishori  talks about Marriage & Politics in 2021 ! EXCLUSIVE  INTERVIEW

Jaya Kishori Marriage:

Jaya Kishori On Marriage: Jaya Kishori is also a popular storyteller , spiritual famous personality and bhajan singer from India. They have many followers on social media. She has been associated with the spiritual world since she was 7 years old. They mainly do stories based on Bhagwat Katha and Nani Bairo Myro. For the last 3 years, Jaya Kishori is also giving a Motivational session. Apart from his stories, hymns, Jaya Kishori’s followers also do a lot of research about his marriage life. Know what Jaya Kishori’s thoughts are on marriage…

Marriage talks..

Jaya Kishori has said several times through interviews that she is not a saintly saint. She is just like a normal girl who will also get married, but she has time. She says that just like every ordinary girl lives her life, so is my life. But I do fiction as well and I would never like to stop doing fiction. I always want to praise Thakur ji and will continue to do so even after marriage.

In a recent interview given to mypencildotcom magazine, she says that I am very scared because I have to leave my house one day because of being a girl. Have to get married and go to someone else’s house. I do not want to do this because I cannot think of my life without my parents.

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Let us tell you that Jaya Kishori is a devotee of Lord Krishna. She has done more than 350 stories based on Srimad Bhagwat Katha and Nani Bai Ro Myra. Jaya Kishori is known for her 3-day-long Nani Bai Ka Myra story and 7-day long Shrimad Bhagwat Katha.

The interview was shot live on mypencildotcom, taken by Prasun kulshrestha in a very happy and smiling way , putting nicely asked questions . Jaya kishori took each and every question and answered everything with honesty.

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Jaya Kishori has gained a lot of fame at a young age. She is a well-known storyteller. His stories and hymns are often viral on social media. His devotees number in lakhs. His stories and hymns are well-liked not only in the country but also abroad.

Born in a Brahmin family of Rajasthan,she came into the limelight when she recited several sources including Shiva-Tandava Strotam, Ramashtakam, Lingashtakam when she was only 9 years old. Its born spirituality in a way.

Wachika Jaya Kishori from ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’ and ‘Nani Bai Ro Myra’ is also a motivational speaker. When interviewed 25-year-old Jaya Kishori, do you have a friend or do you enjoy the Bhajan Katha? To this she says, “I have a group of friends.” I would not say in college because I have not attended college life so much. But I have friends from school who are still very close to me. “

In this interview given to Sanskar TV, Jaya Kishori is further saying, “And we keep talking through group chat in a day or two. Because now everyone’s life has changed. When working. Everyone is in different cities. Then it is these phone calls and video calls that are keeping you tied up. We still keep talking in a day or two. She continues, “They are aware of each other’s life. During this time there is gossip. Because everyone is different now, many things are happening in everyone’s life. There are new things, there are things about which gossip continues to happen. There are frequent talks about work as well. So I also have many friends. “