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Inspiring Success of Jubin Nautiyal & Special Message to his fans: Exclusive Interview with Jubin Nautiyal.

Inspiring Success of Jubin Nautiyal & Special Message to his fans: Exclusive Interview with Jubin Nautiyal.

How his Singing Career Started?

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You’re an exceptional singer. How did you begin your singing career?

Jubin Nautiyal:  As far as I remember, music has always been with me. It is something that has made me find peace in myself, get away from the chaos and get a tranquil soul. Being precise music started when I was at a very young age, I was always drawn towards music. However, my father had a passion for music that played a major role in my career. As it led me to understand music better than other stuff that I was working on at that time. I always felt a connection with music ever since I got to know about it, music kind of grew along with me. I had music as a subject in college and my school as well, and I was always intense about my love for music. It was in 10th standard when I realised that I want to pursue my career in music. It was always about that 1-hour music at night that made me happy. It just made me who I am today.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You too must’ve had many ups and downs in your career. What did those ups and downs teach you?

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Jubin Nautiyal

Jubin Nautiyal: In my opinion ups and downs are a crucial part of life and are necessary for a human being to evolve. Especially in the life of an artist, as an artist, it is important to see the downs in life and watch yourself rise above those downs to the ups. These ups and downs support you to be grounded no matter how successful you become. The main thing that these ups and downs taught me was, how to sail through life’s phases. It means that you shouldn’t work to impress others but yourself.

You’re like a rubber string the more the world pulls you down, the more you rise above the odds. For me, becoming a promising successful artist was more crucial than becoming a successful artist.

Latest Release :

MYPENCILDOTCOM: We’re all big fans of your music. Tell us something about your latest releases.

Jubin Nautiyal: I am delighted to hear that. Well, my third wave of music was released recently, I have released 4 top songs of the country and I am extremely enthusiastic to hear the feedback on them. First is ‘Barsaat ki Dhun’ which is trending from day 1, the second is ‘Hanjugam’ which is a delightfully romantic song from the movie ‘Bhuj’, then there is ‘Dil Lauta Do’ which is a classic single with Sunny and Saiyami, and then there is ‘ Raataan Lambiyan’ from the movie Shershah which is a love ballad. Now I have come up with another classic song on the 9th of August. Post that I am going to take a month’s break before I come up with another wave of songs. I am extremely delighted with the overwhelming response of the audience. I am grateful for all the comments and the love from the audience.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How have you been able to use social media during these unprecedented times? Are you finding that you use it, even more, to stay connected to fans and other musicians?

Jubin Nautiyal:  Before the pandemic struck, I didn’t spend much time on social media, but covid gave me time to understand social media. Honestly, I was reluctant to use it because of the privacy issues and its nasty environment. Over the years I have gathered friends who love me and want to be connected with me. I also make sure that I don’t overuse it. Lately, I watch people sitting together but engaged in some other world. I always try to make the best use of it. Connecting to other musicians is always via phone calls but with the fans, it is social media, they give unbiased opinions on my work.

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MYPENCILDOTCOM: Talent has a huge contribution to people’s careers. How do you think it helps people and how has this helped you?

Jubin Nautiyal: Talent plays a major role in people’s lives. In whichever field you are, there are gonna be people behind a table who will judge you. In the line of artists, we are millions and billions of people who work on a song. We might make an average song and it turns out to be a hit, and at times you make a massive song that does not get support from the audience. I suppose this is what is the best essence of our work, as in we don’t just have a couple of people behind the table judging us. In the field of music and other artistic fields, your work speaks. An artist always enjoys expressing himself/herself. Talent is something inner. People think it is a promotion that plays a major role but it is the art that brings success. It is important to just express yourself as an artist and then let people see how you shine bright. This is what talent is.

Support In fulfilling dreams?

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Your parents must’ve had a major role in your music career. How did your parents support you in fulfilling your dreams?

Jubin Nautiyal: The entire credit for my music career goes to my loving parents. It is never easy for a kid to step out into this harsh world. When I stepped out of this small town and went to Mumbai. My parents backed me up financially, emotionally and they became the backbone of my music. It took me a while to realise that we had finally made my dream come true. Everything that I am today is because of the unending support and love from my parents.

MYPENCILDOTCOM:  You’re from Dehradun, which is one beautiful small town. How connected are you to the people who live there and how much do you miss it?

Jubin Nautiyal:  I have been living in my hometown for 2 years now and it has my heart.

Dehradun is like that town in Lord of the rings ‘Hobbit’ where everybody knows everybody and are strongly connected. People spend as much time as possible with each other. The locals have rich cultural values. I feel Dehradun is a part of me and I have friends here who I am in touch with always, we love exploring, trekking. I am proud to have been born in such a rich and beautiful city in the heart of Uttarakhand.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Today you’re the heartthrob of the entire nation. How was your first on-stage performance and how has your journey been since then?

Jubin Nautiyal:  With the years passing by, I realised how deeply my music has sown seeds in the hearts of people. I am usually surrounded by people giving me support and love throughout my journey including my team. There are a whole bunch of people behind a successful artist. My first performance was when I was around 6 years old, I was hiding my face behind the lyrics’ paper because I was scared. From that day till today, there is a lot that my journey has taught me. I say ‘ Main Ek Safar main hoon aur main use Safar main rehna Chahta hoon’ I work well when I am on a journey rather than at a destination. I always want to keep growing as an artist and more as a human being.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: From where have you got the inspiration to never give up and keep going? How do you suggest it to your near and dear ones?

Jubin Nautiyal: My family has been my greatest support system. My two beautiful elder sisters, my strong mother and my doting father. 

Apart from this my manager Mr Khanna, my cameraman Mr Yash, my producers Mr Ibrahim, Mr Adityadev. It is pure love that binds us all together. They always keep me going regardless of the situation. I’m grateful to them for their support and love. I would also like to mention my team at T-series Mr Raj, Mr Shivam, Ms Sonal, Mr Bhushan Kumar. We together make a spectacular team and give the audience the best of our potential. My inspiration is my father, we come from a region called Jaunsar Bawar which is a backward region. The people out there are full of humility and self-respect, my father comes from a farmers family and still proved to be a successful good man. My mother is my inspiration, the values that she gave me. I manage to get up every time I fall just because of my mother.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: We loved getting to know you so much. Please share a message with our readers/your beloved fans.

Jubin Nautiyal:  To all the worthy readers, I hope you are all good and healthy. Please know that music is the most special language in the world. It connects people regardless of their caste, class, religion. Music is a universal language that keeps the world from breaking apart. I feel grateful that I can express my music and I am grateful for you that you support me, love my music. Thank you so much for always being there for me and for blessing me. Lots of love.