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Kiran Bedi Cover Story in Mypencildotcom Magazine 2021 July Edition : Exclusive

Kiran Bedi Cover Story in Mypencildotcom Magazine 2021 July Edition : Exclusive

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MYPENCILDOTCOM: 3 sisters studying in the same Christian school during those years was never easy! Can you please share your family’s challenges towards achieving a better education during those years? 

Kiran Bedi : The sacred heart school was on the farthest end of the city. Also the most expensive school at the time, besides being the best one in Amritsar. My parents were living on pocket money from my grandfather. Yet we were sent to the best. 

The school gave us a strong value system of ethics and personal habits. Yes all three sister studying was a big thing, but that was the determination and blessings of my parents. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: It is known that You were the only woman in a batch of 80 men, and became the first woman IPS officer of India. Did you ever feel that you managed to change the society’s mindset & established higher standards of ambition for the next generation?

Kiran Bedi : My family was impacting already.  At one time the whole family and three sisters were  on national tennis circuit. Even daddy was playing. We were known as a india’s tennis playing family,  in the country.  

What i did was expected of this family. It proved that with right nature and nurturance daughters too can take the family name forward. 

Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Thinking out of the box is very important, Once you had set up a Drug Detox center within police campus & later such detox centers were increased. In recent years you were associated with Social activism as well, is it that you always wanted to help society? Please let us know why are you so supportive of improving society?

Kiran Bedi :It comes out of a habit and love for unselfish living. A love for being of value to others. I was groomed to be a provider. I am by nature also a solutions provider. Whatever i did and do is to improve quality of life and promote well being of others. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You were mostly considered as a very strict person to follow Indian Law, Why do you feel that it is difficult for others to follow Law in the same manner you follow it?

kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi : We are all a product of our upbringing. If we are brought up in a well groomed way, we wil be law abiding. It depends on parents, teachers and ones own self. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You came forward in 2010 to support the anti-corruption movement in India, please share your experience in associating with that movement & what all positive changes did you notice in the last 11 years?

Kiran Bedi : The time when i raised my voice against corruption we were going through every day scams being reported in the papers…I felt it my duty to be explicit about it. And i am glad things did change. Though also took some unexpected turns. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Studies, IPS, Politics, Social Activism & Governor, which part of the role did you enjoyed the most? Also, what is the topmost thing you learned from these experiences?

Kiran Bedi : I love all that i do and give my whole-self to it. . I am in public administration which is for the good of all, equally.