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Dr. Kiran Bedi has penned down her fearless journey of governance in the book “Fearless Governance”. The book was launched online by legends Mrs. Indra Nooyi, former CEO, and chairman, PEPSICO, Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director IIM Kozikhode who talked about leadership of the future. While releasing the book, she said that it is very easy to read, it’s not a laborious book that will put you to sleep. It’s written in a language and a style of bulletin and points. Every chapter has lessons, and she finds them very engaging. This book is an example of leadership and action. The leadership practices cut across public and private sectors.

 Whether a person runs a Union Territory, state, or a country, there are some universal principles and work for the people, put them before you be visible. Make sure that you have accountability and that you are resilient and honest. There are some universal principles that shouldn’t articulate throughout her entire book, and they are most interested in their patronage. This book provides a beautiful blueprint of decentralized governance given to a very honest, ethical, caring leader that can make a difference. I had tears in my eyes when we saw the pictures of the bathroom, classrooms, hospitals, and dental clinics. I can’t imagine how people can sleep peacefully after seeing those images. Those images are not from 20 years ago but from the last year. I sincerely hope that this book from Kiran Bedi is a call to action.

“Fearless Governance” is a book about “We,” not “Me.” It’s a rallying cry for selfless service and leadership. It’s about people and their basic needs, which are expected to be met by those in positions of power, whether appointed or elected, who are required to serve without fear. It’s all about the people, who should love and respect what officials should be doing. It’s all about piercing vested interests that undermine the foundations of government.         

It’s all about getting the doors and systems open. It all comes down to visible leadership and genuine communication. It’s about putting the common individual in the spotlight who doesn’t have any powerful connections and instilling in them the belief that one is always for all. It’s also about the wonder of collaboration. The country most urgently requires trust.                                  

The book highlights Dr. Bedi’s courageous moments, administrative acumen, and inventive activities in Puducherry, as the title suggests. The title, published by Diamond Books, will be translated into all major Indian languages and will be available in print and e-book format on all major platforms. The book’s royalties go to Puducherry causes and Dr. Bedi’s two foundations, Navjyoti India Foundation, and Indian Vision Foundation.

Full Event Launch Coverage ( Kiran Bedi Youtube Channel)

When Dr. Bedi took over as the 24th LG of Puducherry, the book shows the underbelly of entrenched vested interests and mafias. To their horror, they all became debilitated one by one. They screamed foul play. They made fun of her for interfering with her work, but she was unfazed. She rode her bike through the city to see how clean it was getting by the day. Puducherry became greener and more water rich because of her efforts.

She wasn’t stingy with her words. During COVID, she went after the liquor mafia, getting licenses revoked in unprecedented numbers, and bringing the CBI in to investigate and open an office in Puducherry. She encouraged and mentored her officers, and she backed up the deserving. The political establishment petitioned for her recall on numerous occasions. They sat outside the Raj Nivas on a dharna, demanding her return. The book details how the initial wave of COVID was countered by the PM’s office, which was prompted by her Twitter remark. It was truly daring, and it served as a timely example.   

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