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Deanne Panday Exclusive live on 28th Feb 2021 with MyPencilDotCom Magazine

Deanne Panday Exclusive live on 28th Feb 2021 with MyPencilDotCom Magazine

Deanne Panday (born 10 December 1968) is a wellness coach and author of Scottish descent based in India. Recently she had published her new Book title ” BALANCE” . Deanne Panday is a wellness coach and fitness expert. She uses her knowledge to conduct workshops, as a motivational speaker and also writes blogs on fitness to educate people about a holistic approach to wellness. She was the fitness expert for Miss India contestants for 8 years. She has also the written two bestselling books: I’m Not Stressed and Shut Up and Train!

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About Book:

We go about our lives in a rush-always busy, always tired. Often, we find our joy diminished and our health affected. Bestselling author and wellness coach Deanne Panday sees this all too often around her. Through her circle-of-life programme, she tells us about the thirteen vital elements that need to be in sync to lead a happy, healthy and successful-including physical wellness, career, home environment, joy, financial stability, understanding the effects of climate change, and more.
Each chapter focuses on one aspect and has simple, easy-to-follow advice, along with tips and activities that will be your key to a blissful life. The circle-of-life programme can be customized to your life, so it works best for you. It doesn’t aim to provide a quick-fix to your issues, but promises to guide you to evaluating your life holistically and designing your own magical path to wellness-a life free of stress, anger and dissatisfaction.

LIVE Details :

Mypencildotcom Magazine is fortunate to interview her about her latest release of her book. She is our Cover story for March 2021 Edition. The magazine shall be available in Amazon Kindle. Interview shall be streamed live worldwide on on 28th Feb 2021 at 5 PM. The same content shall be included in Cover story of our March 2021 Edition.

More About Book Visit Penguin Website

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