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Mad Scientist for children Ms. Bhavna Bhatia .

Mad Scientist for children Ms. Bhavna Bhatia .
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Bhavna Bhatia is a founder of MAD Scientist for Children , its a concept created by her for young children. Its a form of learning for children that brings Joy, Celebration , learning in the form of Experiments. Taking it to next level, children also stayed entertained during COVI19 lockdown by accessing Virtual / Online Sessions for Birthday parties & events celebrated .

Mad Scientist brings a unique fun program for young children in which experiments of science could keep children entertained. Bhavna Bhatia appeared very enthusiastic taking this platform to next level, It was interesting to know her life journey with MyPencilDotCom.

1. We want to understand more about your childhood ambition.

  1. I was a very notorious child but a very studious one, I loved experimenting. My ambition was to become something that had a scientist tag. I was always fascinated by science, had a clear picture in mind of what I wanted to do, always knew it couldn’t be a 9-5 job. Something related to science in a unique manner and now I’m the CEO of mad scientist.

2. Tell us more about your ambition and upbringing.

  1. I was always the most loved and pampered child. Always the center of attention, being from a joint family I always had loads of love. I was confused if I wanted to take Science, so I did. I did a double degree in biochemistry and zoology, I did two of them together so I don’t face more pressure later. Zoology was something I loved.

3. Where did the idea of mad scientists evolve?

  1. I always wanted to do something different, apart from being a professor I wanted to explore more in different fields. I started venturing in a lot of fields. I always loved kids and wanted all of us to have fun. Slowly and steadily I developed myself. My first internship was counselling, which enhanced my communication skills. I was always into experimenting and kids always enjoyed that.

4. What were the initial challenges? Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

  1. I started my business 2 years back, took a lot of experience from teaching and internships. We do a lot of parties and workshops, it is very engaging and full of entertainment. It was a lot of struggle initially, one thing that happened the most was that I was still studying. Everyone used to ask me the same questions. I also went to many carnivals, called a lot of people and it was very disturbing at times.

5. How difficult is it to convince and manage children when they are at parties?

  1. I never faced difficulty in managing people, they were always in the party mode. They always had fun, they always enjoyed the sessions. We make stuff like making a cloud in the whole room, then everyone enjoys it. Its not hardcore studying. Mad scientist is all about M- make, A- a, D-difference. I receive very positive responses after the parties.

6. One message you want to give to the readers and viewers of mypencildotcom.

  1. To the viewers I want to say thank you for watching and I want to appreciate mypencildotcom for the amazing work they are doing, and I want to say that always try to do something different and something you enjoy. Be creative and enjoy studying.

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“Never Aimed to work 9AM to 5PM Job, always wanted to be creative & came up with innovative MAD Scientist Platform.”

– Bhavna Bhatia ( Founder – Mad Scientist )

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