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Maharani of compositions Nikhita Gandhi talks about her life Journey : EXCLUSIVE

Maharani of compositions Nikhita Gandhi talks about her life Journey : EXCLUSIVE

Mypencildotcom: Today we have a very talented, very magnificent singer Nikhita Gandhi with us,how are you?

Nikhita Gandhi: absolutely fine, Thank you.

Mypencildotcom: your presence made the entire surrounding  ‘kesariya’

Nikhita Gandhi: I did some additional vocals on that song, the music got immense love from listeners.

Mypencildotcom: Nikhita ji we would like to know about the composition of your recent album “saazis”, would you like share the thoughts, the background story with our readers?

Nikhita Gandhi: I composed all the lyrics of “ saazis”, actually I was involved in some other project, and sometimes our brain stop functioning in a particular direction, so I was trying to distract myself for a while , I was trying to enhance my creative side by  composing different Lyrics and I think I have successfully put down my own emotions, sentiments on it,the album is really close to my heart, I usually don’t write Hindi lyrics by myself, “saazis” was a really interesting project for me.

If I talk about khushnaseeb, The most important track of the album, The lyrics tells the story of life, how do we process change,how do we balance the transformation between new and old.

Mypencildotcom:  As all creations are very special to the creator, as a composer, as a lyricist how do you select with which composition you should move forward?

Nikhita Gandhi: I believe, The best song happens the fastest, and it happens in a very organic way, you do not have to put extra effort to create it, The stunningly beautiful compositions are just happens organically.

Mypencildotcom: we would like to know about the journey of kesariya.

Nikhita Gandhi:  I was in a very little part of the track, I was called for some additional vocals, it’s a lovely song ,close to my heart, I have heard it many times in the studio.

Once pritam da made a very valuable statement,When a music is in composing state it belongs its creators ,but when the song is out it belongs to the audience , and I found it very meaningful and nice.

Mypencildotcom: we had our last interview session with you during lockdown, so now , after everything is Normal again what’s your plan?Tell us  about you upcoming shows.

Nikhita Gandhi: we artists have to travel the most, recently I have finished my shows in four-five cities in India, I have travelled and performed in all over India , and yes overseas shows are again staring after lockdown now.

Mypencildotcom: would you please share with us that special feeling to perform again before live audience after a long period of time?

Nikhita Gandhi: yeah, that is such an amazing feeling, I had an amazing and unexpected experience in Chennai recently, it was in an auditorium, I was really nervous, we usually perform Tamil songs there that audience can connect, but I performed only Hindi songs on that show, and audience were crazy, they were fully enjoying.

Before we started our show we could see from the backstage that the audience were eagerly waiting for our performance,that is really such an amazing feeling.

Mypencildotcom:  what song people usually want to hear from you  the most? What is the most requested song in any show?

Nikhita Gandhi: Ah ! ‘Qaafirana’ is one the most requested track, ‘Jugnu’ is another one, and ‘raabta’ too of course.

Mypencildotcom: yeah those are really some amazing songs, so we would like to know about one of your recent Project ‘tu hi bata’ with Siddhant Bhosle ji.

Nikhita Gandhi: ah! we created this song during lockdown, This is our first ever together composition.

Mypencildotcom: where did you shoot this song? The locations are really eye soothing.

Nikhita Gandhi: In Bombay,Thank you, all credit goes to the visual team.

Mypencildotcom:  so Nikita ji how much time you usually spend on social media?

Nikhita Gandhi:I usually spend more time in Instagram than I really want to.

I feel there are lots of beautiful things in life which is of course offline .

Mypencildotcom: what are most important offline priorities in life you want to focus?one is of course music ,we all know.

Nikhita Gandhi: I am involved in so many things, like I enjoy sports, and of course composing, another one is travelling, I love trekking.

Mypencildotcom: you do mountain trekking as well?

Nikhita Gandhi: yes I do.

Mypencildotcoms: so Nikhita ji tell us something about your upcoming projects.

Nikhita Gandhi: well, there are few fun songs on its way.

The next release is a very nice track, and I am very much excited about this release.

Mypencildotcom: Thank you so much Nikhita ji for giving us your valuable time.

Nikhita Gandhi: thank you so much.