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Mehjabeen: A Mental Health Ambassador @ Council India, H.O.D of Abacate Intercorp LLP India & Global Business Health Care

Mehjabeen: A Mental Health Ambassador @ Council India, H.O.D of Abacate Intercorp LLP India & Global Business Health Care

Interview with Mypencildotcom:

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You are a psychologist, mental health [email protected] India, Please tell us more about this?

Mehjabeen: As a psychologist it’s my passion making difference is others lives nothing is impossible, I take every case as a challenge and change their lives. any mental health illness is a challenge for my clinical knowledge. Apart from my clinical knowledge I do research for my clients they get very good results in return as well as in their relationships and I’m happy to save the ones in need as a role of mental health ambassador @council India helps people to overcome things with what they are dealing in life, thanks to Shivam dixit CEO of council India giving me this opportunity to explore and help needy people

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You have done free awareness camps for people in slums and orphanages, please us more information about this.

Mehjabeen: yes I do free campaigns, the reason behind is everyone is dealing with mental trauma there is no age group and privileged people get opportunities to get treated, In rural areas people are not aware of their mental health, I make sure that they get therapies and sessions in Bangalore. I have also conducted sessions for orphans, webinars for women (worldwide), I give my best to make difference. I also understand that it is not easy going through bad mental state. I prefer taking for kids more, because that age group has more mental health issues due to their past and present.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You are an author as well, what do you write about?

Mehjabeen: when I was at the age 10 my hobby was to write poems, and it slowly turned into my passion. and now I chose to write about love, this word is a strong possibility and believe which connects you to all relationships. I write blogs about psychology and inspirational quotes this is one of my best experiences in life which I would like to share with you all. many of my clients were inspired and they did write their own books. My two books are SELF and THE LAST LOVE OCCURE Are worldwide published and readers are loving my book I got very good respond from the my readers .

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You won awarded Mahila Ratna for educating underprivileged kids, how was your journey towards this?

Mehjabeen: As a graduate of landmark, my dream project was to open a school for underprivileged children. I worked on this dream. my team and I opened a school for underprivileged children we went door to door calling for kids, we faced many problems and we did learn to overcome my journey I learnt that it was not easy to archive what we want you will find many obstacles on your way, just keep your goal in mind and the never giving up spirit by this you can archive anything because we know everything will be worth it and the end will be beautiful.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How does it feel to contribute as a Member of the Indian women history museum.

Mehjabeen: I am honored to be a part of Indian women history museum, I would love to see women standing for themselves I would love to help the one’s who want to make their own identity to who they are.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: When & Why did you become the founder of vision high? What is it about?

Mehjabeen: vision high is a non-profit organization vision high started (2016-to till date) which has free treatments, events and campaigns it is for everyone the underprivileged and orphans. we have team and help them for therapies and social behavior activities which is very helpful for them.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: You are also nominated for receiving the women international icon award 2021, How do you feel about it?

Mehjabeen: I would like to thank my family, friends, clients and the one’s supported me to archive all this. to everyone who believed and trusted in me to everyone’s blessings on me this was only possible because of you all.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Why awareness of mental health is important?

Mehjabeen: we sometimes tend to ignore physical health which is wrong. both mental and physical health should be given the same importance , so please don’t ignore on your mental health. and do not hesitate to share about your mental health to your friends or family it is nothing bad sharing it will make it easy for you instead of complicating things.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Social Service is never easy, what challenges do you see?

Mehjabeen: I do contribution by my own and I really welcome psychologists who really want to contribute their time and support for the needy. Looking forward for more psychologist to join our team and support I believe in the more contribution the more good and I enjoy those precious moments I want to explore more in future. when I had my school I faced many problems like harassing and political riots. But still my work is on thanks to god and my motivation is “be good do good”.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: One message for the readers of Mypencildotcom Magazine.

Mehjabeen: Thanks to mypencildotcom for letting me tell about my story, there is no time to waste go ahead and achieve your dreams give everything a shot even the smallest chance could be your biggest acheivement. thank to you all For reading. and I wish u all the best .