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Minissha Lamba talks about her 3 Cutest friends in her life right now : Exclusive Interview

Minissha Lamba talks about her 3 Cutest friends in her life right now :  Exclusive Interview
Video Interview with Minissha Lamba

Bollywood diva Minissha Lamba has done both glamorous and non-glamorous roles in her career. She began her journey in Hindi cinema with Yahaan, opposite Jimmy Shergill in 2005. She was later seen in Corporate, Bachna Ae Haseeno and in Kidnap. Her versatile roles spoke for herself.

She is a witty and joyous human who never ever gives up no matter what. She has tons of favourite songs from her movies Kidnap, Bachna Ae Haseeno etc. Her priorities are being happy, independent and working with her entire potential. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: As a child, what was your dream to become when you grow up? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: As a child I wanted to be a lot of things when I grow old, it literally used to change every week, at times I wanted to be an astronaut,lawyer. When I entered college, I wanted to become a journalist who would report in conflict areas. My parents were really disturbed by this, they said “you want to go to conflict areas for journalism!!” I said I want to report in areas like Syria, Peru etc. Somehow acting happened and I couldn’t pursue conflict journalism which relieved my parents. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Gigi is basically the closest to you. How old is she? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: Gigi is like the most destructive pup and the youngest among the three I have. She is 6 months old and she loves being around me. I’m usually always happy when my pup is around me during my interviews and she loves playing a lot. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM : You somehow didn’t pursue conflict journalism.How did you land into Bollywood then? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: I couldn’t pursue journalism because during my college days, I was into modelling and advertisements too. One of the ads that I did was for Sujeet Sarkar. He wanted someone to play the role of Athra and he found me perfect! I would say acting happened by chance. 

minissha lamba cover, minnisha lamba
Minissha Lamba cover of Mypencildotcom magazine august 2021

MYPENCILDOTCOM : We all have many ups and downs.You manage these roller coasters of life incongruously , you say we shouldn’t plan much about the future rather focus on today. Why is it so? 

MINISSHA LAMBA:  People change with time,they get experiences over time and nobody is gonna be the same person as they were when they were younger. It goes for me as well, my ideologies might change 5-6 years from now. Throughout your life, you don’t want to be the same person having that one thought all your life.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: So currently you’re not thinking much about the future, you’re just  living in the present. Am I right? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: I feel that the pandemic that has been going since last year is almost like a Third World War. The kind of damage that it has done to humans globally is almost similar to the damage that happens after a war.The difference being that no harm is caused to the cities but to the people living there. For me this perception to focus on the present is the only thing that can keep me going despite everything. Also there has to be a balance between living life to the fullest as well as planning things. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Bollywood is a strenuous industry to be in. You’ve been in Bollywood for a long time now. According to you, how much does professional relationships matter in Bollywood and how crucial is it in the success or failure of a person? [ out of curiosity 😉 ]

MINISSHA LAMBA: In my opinion professional relations matter to a certain extent, after that it is majorly your box office success because I don’t think that anyone is going to leverage crores and crores on someone just because of these relations. It’s purely business decisions that are going to take place after this as the stakes are just too high. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM : You’ve done tons of films and all of them were a treat to the eyes. Can you name one movie that is really close to your heart? 

MINISSHA LAMBA : There are quite a few actually from ‘Yahaan’ my very first film to ‘Anthony Kaun hain’ with Raj Kausal. These were such fun experiences.It was my first sync sound film and was really a memorable experience. Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Shaurya, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Kidnap. Mr. Shyam Benegal’s film ‘Well done Abba’ was a tremendously astounding experience too! Most of my experiences have been great and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with such wonderful people.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : You were doing great in movies. How did BigBoss strike your mind? 

MINISSHA LAMBA : I had been getting proposals for Big Boss almost every year so I thought why not give it a try. Reality shows were something that I never really did and hence I decided to give it a try. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM : These days there is a huge hype for Web series. Have you ever considered working in a web series? If yes, which genre will you be interested in? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: Definitely I would be working in a Web Series. Lately I’ve been reading different scripts. The process is on, as in I’m getting to know the stories and other facts. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM:  What is one thing in acting that you haven’t tried yet and really want to try? What character would you like to play in that? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: I really thought that I wanted to do a period historical drama but then I don’t really like dressing up much in the sense of wearing heavy jewellery. So I rethought this. Honestly I love period historical dramas. I would really like to play the character of a warrior. Not in real life but I have this fantasy of living the life of a character like a warrior. 

MYPENCILDOTCOM : You mentioned the pandemic, what lesson did you learn from it? What did you observe which further helped you as an individual? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: I want to live life the way it comes and take happiness like one at a time. It is like you never know what is coming your way so why not to live in the moment. I also bought my two lovely pups during the lockdown and they’re a family to me since they’ve been here.There’s one more that I bought before lock down and the pandemic. They’re Biki, Kiki and Gigi. Biki is the most shy one and she loves winters. 

minissha lamba,

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What message would you like to convey to our readers? 

MINISSHA LAMBA: I would say that ‘Take good care of yourself’  more than anyone or anything else you must prioritize yourself. Self care is what I would advocate to your readers.