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Miss India Earth Alankrita talks to Mypencildotcom about her Inspiring Life Journey

Miss India Earth Alankrita talks to Mypencildotcom about her Inspiring Life  Journey

Mypencildotcom: Please tell us your story about the Lokhandwala market incident & then denying the ad for A well-known brand in Thailand?

Alankrita: Well long story short Me and my best friend were shopping as we had heard a lot about the market, we decided to take a look and see what the craze is all about. Indeed it was a delight. We shopped a lot but were so picky that we at least took a couple of rounds back and forth. Someone had an eye out for us or probably just noticed us and walked up to us and did pat me from the back and I was taken aback. Coming from Delhi it’s a defense mechanism to be ready to beat them up Incase they Harass you, that wasn’t the case here. He was polite and was a casting agent. He mentioned the details about the tvc and told me to come and audition as I had a pretty face and I should try and act. He did ask me if I had any prior experiences or did any course. To his surprise I did, for that, I thank my parents and teachers and educational institutions and my classical dancing. I was pretty shocked though to have been stopped and asked to come in and test for it my best friend was the opposite she was super excited about the whole thing for me and was the one to push me to go ahead and she would accompany me as my guardian. And there I was saying my name age height and profile on aboard.

alankrita sahai, miss india
alankrita sahai, miss india

I did my part and walked out after filling an excel sheet. A few days later I got a call back saying I was selected and had to come in to meet the direction team and do my trials for the outfits and send and my passport copy. I was flabbergasted because I thought it was some trap like you at times see in films. I had every possible notion in my head from kidnapping to what not rush to my membranes in milliseconds to stop my from doing it and yes I was unaware, I was extremely grateful but scared at the same time and I had not informed my parents either so I skipped it and said no. But that incident was special and scary for a young kid who got lucky. And here I am today !! That was my calling in a way but I neglected the signs from the universe.

Mypencildotcom: Pls, tell us about your Journey to Miss India.

Alankrita: It was eventful and interesting. My best friend again played a major role in this, she sent my pictures that my bosses had nudged me to get clicked while I was working with a corporate and they kept feeding the idea that I should try my luck in the industry. So I did a few gigs too before miss India even happened, some were great some were mistakes. And then my BFF filled my form and sent it across to miss India after I showed her my folio, she was so happy I got them clicked that she just couldn’t resist her butterfingers.

alankrita sahai, miss india 2014
alankrita sahai, miss india

She is gorgeous but told me you have the courage and the will to do it and make this happen for all of us (this was after I found out she had done what comes next ) I got a call from them for the final rounds in Mumbai and I was surprised as it wasn’t me who filled the form but then they were requesting for some more details and also confirmed my email with me to send me the requirements that were necessary for me to have for the final round in Mumbai and guess what it was an email I’d that was mine but not mine it was ours and that’s how I knew it was her who had been Mischievous lately. And then she and my friends convinced me to go ahead and make them proud and so I tried and succeeded. It was a great experience and very different for me too keeping in mind I was a total tomboy. A lot of transformation took place.

Mypencildotcom: Initially, almost 10,000 + Girls competing to get into the top 16 of Miss India, pls share about that moment of observation & how you overcome those fears/challenges?

Alankrita: It was a fulfilling experience. Seeing so many beautiful women vying for the same crown can be overwhelming. But I always believed that no matter what I won’t let people and their negativity get to me. Even if it meant to have a shield on to protect my little fragile heart which is equally strong but didn’t want to be hurt or involved in petty politics. Most of the time I was seen as a threat but also was seen as someone who is fiercely guarded and arrogant or rude because I had my walls high and hardly let people in until u could trust them. I had a blast no doubt but I was always aware that I’m here to have fun and compete and if I don’t make it it’s not the end of the world. I was extremely driven and I learned so much from the girls from my batch.

Fear is inevitable but the courage to overcome it is even more challenging but that’s what tests our willpower and how much we truly love ourselves and are ready to accept it than run away from it and fight back. I have been a fighter always. I can’t give up on people or situations. I find it hard at times to let go which is not good at times too. But I learned how to be kinder to myself and others and I learned more about how fear is mostly self-created than absorbed than handed to us. The power of NO and the Power to draw my boundaries is what I learned. I dint overcome them overnight it’s a process. I was just happy to be there and was grateful for them to see something in me and push me ahead.

Mypencildotcom: How was your experience working in the film love per square foot and how did you get it.

Alankrita: It was exhilarating and divine. It was my first project. What do you think? I was so happy I also had a lucky charm back then that I thought helped me get it. Haha. But it was a delight. The team was warm and super professional at the same time.

alankrita sahai, miss india

Our casting director honey Trehan Ji called me for an audition, I gave it, and months down the line I forgot about it thinking I didn’t get it. So I got a call back to test with Vicky and our brilliant director Anand Tiwari. And bam after a few days I get a call back from Anand saying we all are convinced you are our Rashi for the film and he took a leap of faith in me and so did Ronny sir and I guess it was meant to be then.

Mypencildotcom: In one of the interviews, you had mentioned that you always wanted to become an IAS Or IFS Officer? How things changed from that to being in the industry?

Alankrita: Yes I did have dreams about serving my nation and making India proud. I wanted my name to be associated with some form of glory when it came to my nation because both my grandfathers served the nation. It was an honor to have known them. Seeing them listening to them made me want to. But then destiny had other plans as I mentioned above and I became a Miss India Winner and Won 7 titles for my county and made my people proud in some way and even today I continue to serve my people in whatever way I can as a human being it doesn’t just end here.

Mypencildotcom: The Video album with Himesh Reshammiya, “AAP Se Mausiquii”, How was it working for a video album.

Alankrita: To be launched by one of India’s superstar singers and composer, having T series as the label and Amitabh Ji along with other celebrities come in support and launch the album on a huge scale was nice and as a newcomer. I felt welcomed and appreciated.

Mypencildotcom: Do you feel India is changing as Nation, and being an Independent woman is very important?

Alankrita: India is changing slowly and steadily. Change is inevitable and will always push the comfort zones of many people who are inherently avid supporters of the Patriarchal societal norms. Well, women have always had the power but they lacked the Courage because we were condemned or some powerful women were condoned. Some were confined to rituals and norms and were told to keep shut and just follow the lead by men and women alike. Women are the co-creators Nurturers and harbingers. So what’s changed is … awareness, acceptance of less than has changed to we are equals, education, self-realization, and definitely many other mediums have helped them see who they truly are. Women are Saraswati Lakshmi Durga and have all the Devi’s inside them hence our power had been taken away from us because people are scared to see women in power!

Women are now standing up for themselves and many can’t digest that and I feel sorry for them. We just want to lead beside you and be respected for our decisions, dressing, and demands. We are not here to compete we are already winning at life while we multitask but we are here to be your equal, love our sexuality and our beauty, and be your strength. We are fearless now and that changes a lot of things for people including women who condemn and bitch about other women too in their respective households. We need to be empowered by empowering each other rather than turning our backs and name-calling one another. Don’t let them have the power to discourage you or defame you.

Mypencildotcom: Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

Alankrita: Happily married with kids. Running a successful business and doing interiors As well As an actor Successful and loved by people.
Healthy and Wiser

Mypencildotcom: One message for Mypencildotcom magazine readers & Viewers?

Alankrita: Stay at home and get vaccinated. Be kinder to yourself and others, we tend to be harsh given the circumstances and the frustration. Even Instagram can make you have an identity crisis looking at all the glitz and glam but you are as precious as anyone with a blue tick. You are unique and have your calling. Help as much as you can.
Don’t be in a hurry. I love you and I will keep doing my best to make you proud and make you fall in love with me more.

  • Thank you for having me as your cover girl
    We are beautiful, one of a kind remember that.
    In such distressful times, we all must stand together and support each other.
    Keep inspiring us with all the women who come on board for representing the Change and Chaska of all good things.
    Thank you
    We all are in this together.
    Love and light