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Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal, an Independent Inspirational Coach, specialized in People Management and Skill Development

Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal, an Independent Inspirational Coach, specialized in People Management and Skill Development

In an Interview with Mypencildotcom: Exclusive

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What is the role of Emotions in someone’s life?

Dr. Naveen: Emotions are our responses to the world around us, and they are created by the combination of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our Mind gives us the signal of controlling the emotions in our life. We, as humans, always try our best to control emotions but sometimes we are not able to control them and do things that should have been avoided. This shows that our Mind sometimes fails to control our emotions, behavior, attitude because of which we end up taking stress and we are not able to set or achieve our Goal in life. Goal setting is very important because when we actually want to achieve our goal, Intellect automatically starts controlling our emotions to win, so we start showing 100% dedication and that dedication actually help us to control our emotions intelligently (Mentally, Physically and Emotionally) and we tend to get influenced and motivated positively and this positivity persuade others too.So, one of the best way to live life positively is to control our emotions by learning and developing Emotional Intelligence in our life.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Can you explain us more about Emotional Intelligence?

Dr. Naveen: Emotional intelligence is the ability or capability of a person to manage and control his or her emotions and possess the ability to control the emotions of others as well.

It means becoming an emotionally stable personality and it happens only when someone has a strong yet very stable emotional base. If we have a stable base then many things can be done successfully in life.

Lavish and successful life is possible only if there is absolute emotional stability and it comes with the practice of being emotionally intelligent otherwise Luxury will lead to madness. That is why most of the time we see that lot of people who are a little creative, active, Luxuriant by nature always end up being freaky and insane because without emotional stability we cannot control anything in life. Only when we are free from sufferings from any external source, we are emotionally strong. Analyzing things positively means intellectual is sharp and emotionally balanced.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How can we master ourselves in controlling Emotions?

Dr. Naveen: We can be master in controlling emotions if we stabilize and organize our lives by practicing to be emotionally stable and use our intelligence to control ourselves. Stability comes when we use the power of our intellect to work in understanding the unconscious competencies of our personality.

People, on the basis of their experiences, creates various thoughts and their mind decide to categorize it as positive or negative that actually unconsciously control emotions and physical actions. Thoughts actually means nothing is real,it’s just a perception is being created by our mind. But when we actually want to make it real in our life, we use our intelligence to make it possible at any cost. All the thoughts that arise in our mind based on the past experiences of our lives and then our controlled & uncontrolled emotions make all the data into present further modify it for future with the help of our intellect. So, stabilize and balance your emotions and give time to yourself to think, plan and act with positivity, just like we do it when we ride a Bicycle, else unbalancing would end up with harmful consequences.

Dr. Naveen Uppal

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Where should we redirect the negative thoughts or emotions (anger, frustration, upset) coming from the external world?

Dr. Naveen: I would say whenever we get so influenced by the external circumstances in the world that means we are not able to control our emotions intelligently and that can generate problems in our own life too. People think that anger, frustration in life is due to some external reasons. However, the truth is, it’s only our thoughts that are tampering our emotions in a way it shouldn’t be and that results in negativity or depression.

Remember, there are so many stakeholders in the world and not every stakeholder will go by your way or you will go their way. If what happens within me doesn’t happen my way then we call it as the worst phase of our life. So, controlling the emotions intelligently will help you to consider every situation in a positive way as we have the power to transform any situation as per own way of taking it in life. So, transform all the negative vibrations into positive to make it like the life has always been positive, fair and amazing to you.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Can you put some light on the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence in our lives?

Dr. Naveen: By developing Emotional Intelligence, individual can become more satisfied, positive, productive and successful at whatever they do and also motivate others to become more productive and successful.

The process and outcomes of emotional intelligence also reduce Stress, enhance Conflict Management Skills, promote Positive Relationships, boost Self Confidence, flexibility in adapting various changes in life and also increase person’s Influencing Power. If one needs to succeed in life, this is where Emotional Intelligence helps.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Tell us about the Honour and Awards you have earned as an Inspirational Coach?

  1. Awarded as “The Man of Excellence”in Influential Indian Awards 2021 (The award refers to a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of the event).
  2. Awarded as Rastriya Gaurav Award 2021 (The prestigious award to honor people who have performed a perfect contribution in society in their respective field).
  3. Awarded as Bharat Bhushan Award 2021 (The prestigious award title to honor the Inspiring Award-winning stories of people using the power of humanity to build community).
  4. Awarded as Bhartiya ShauryaSamman Award 2021 (The National Award Title to honor people from India who have helped to regain life to society through their effective work).
  5. Awarded for Skill Development Programme in Indian CSR Awards 2021 (The prestigious award title to honor the education initiatives for the society and skill development programs).
  6. Awarded as Humanitarian Excellence Awards 2021 (The highest social award of the country to honor only One (Male, Female and NGO) from each state and union territory of India in recognition of exceptional service or performance of the highest order in social field of human endeavour).
  7. Awarded as The Real Super Hero Award 2021 (Awards is for the citizens of India for their care and dignity and Super Heroes works for society and make the world a better place to live a respectful life).
  8. Awarded Best Achievers Award 2021 as the Title of “Young Professional Award” (The national Icon Award to honor the most Inspiring people on National level).
Dr. Naveen Uppal

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What is your Life Mantra which keeps you emotionally strong and positive?

Dr. Naveen: I believe in living a life of significance, rather than just living a life of success. Despite of comparing yourself with others just Trust yourself and “Do what you can, with what you have, at where you are”. I always tried to look for the opportunities with the people and resources I have.

My fundamental revolves around learning new things every day from our own activities and stay motivated and emotionally strong.

I strongly believe that learning, improving and stabilizing emotionally is an unending process and there should be no full stop to it.

So, whenever we achieve something, we should consider it as “To be continued…..”mode and work towards“Better Version of Ourselves”every time.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: What do you want to say to our readers?

Dr. Naveen: I want to thank all my readers for taking out time and reading this article. Also, Thanks to MyPencildotcom for giving me this wonderful opportunity of sharing my views with the readers once again.

The only message I have for my readers is – My entire effort is to see better future of everyone around me and I am sure that you all will definitely be benefited once you learn to control your emotions Wisely. The more you are stable and successful in whatever you are doing, you will multiply your Intelligence in controlling your emotions in every phase of life. So, work on Emotional Intelligence and make your Life not only successful but emotionally more stable and powerful. Stay happy and healthy both physically and mentally…