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Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal Specialized in People Management ,skill development, inspirational coach shares his secrets to success

Dr. Naveen Kumar Uppal Specialized in People Management ,skill development, inspirational coach shares his secrets to success

Role Model:

MYPENCILDOTCOM : Who was your role model for the achievements you have made in your life?

Naveen : My role models and greatest source of inspiration is my parents. I love them a lot and they are my pillars of strength. Despite of the fact they are not physically with Me, their teachings and guidance is still helping me to deliver my best. My father was not only a reputed Navy officer but also a Man with a Golden heart and charismatic personality. He was a believer of strong moral and family values and that’s what I learnt from him and wish to carry the same legacy to my upcoming generation.

After my father’s death, my Mother turns out to be The real Super Hero of the family and managed everything single handedly. Because of her I learnt to fight and stay strong despite of how bad the situation is. My parents always inspire me to become THE BEST version of MINE.

Also, completing my Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from Royal American University, Newark, Delaware. USA was the dream of my Parents that has been accomplished recently.

Dr. Naveen Uppal

MYPENCILDOTCOM : You are playing a multipurpose role in your life, how do you balance it in your personal and professional life?

Naveen : As you get involved in doing multitasks, your professional & personal responsibilities both grow — sometimes too quickly to manage. Maintaining strong work-life balance is the key to keep yourself & people around you happy and productive. Few ways that are helping me to shift from BUSY to BALANCED work life concept are –

# Schedule your tasks – I schedule every single day of my life— and it does wonders for me. Assigning specific tasks to specific time blocks ensures that I get done exactly what I need to when I need to. A well-organized schedule is a promise to yourself that you’ll fulfill your most pressing obligations.

# Being clear about your priorities –  The typical work day of a corporate professional is becoming more complex and demanding day by day. On a regular basis, prioritizing your tasks not only makes you more efficient at daily work-related activities, but also gives you the latitude to focus on their personal goals.

# Be passionate about your work – Steve Jobs once said ”the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Passion not only drives you to enjoy your work, but helps in overcoming obstacles at your work place. I personally experienced that people who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, make less mistakes and take better business decisions.

# Always give space to your personal life –

Do not underestimate your me-time. Indulge in hobbies or regular workout or yoga or sports etc. No matter how busy the day is, these things will not demand much of your time, so focus on physical well-being first.

Dr. Naveen Uppal

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What experience did you get from this long career?

Naveen : I have learned some of the greatest life lessons from my 15+ years of work experience.

The most important thing I experienced is always keep learning and improving yourself as a person. I strongly believe that just because you’ve succeeded doesn’t mean you should stop trying to improve and achieve more. For me every achievement or success, should always be followed by the next achievement so that this becomes a continuous process.

I also experienced that making connections with new people is also very valuable. Whether it’s with a professional colleague, friend or family member, each relationship we build will add another beam of support to what we are building for our self.

These so many years of my career has also made me learnt the power of failure. Not everything I did was successful. I did get failed but what I learnt is not to stress myself about these failures. Every failure gave me the chance to grow both personally and professionally. This helped me a lot to focus on developing my strengths so that I can create the best world for myself and my loved ones.

Challenges :

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What initial problems did you have to face?

Naveen : My life was always a crazy roller coaster ride for me. Losing my Father at a very tender age of 5, has shattered everything but it also acted as a wake call to me. After completing my graduation, I joined the corporate world, I was a newbie with no knowledge and expertise. I initially struggled a lot to survive. Also, losing my Mother’s, I encountered many problems in professional and personal life. That was the time when I decided that just worrying or getting upset won’t going help me in any way, I need to own and embrace my fears and problems and need to work on them to eliminate them. However, after facing all these challenges and issues in my life, I definitely can say that – The worst phase in your life can make The Best version of yourself

MYPENCILDOTCOM : Tell us about your career achievements.


  • Awarded Most Influential People for “Man of Excellence” in Learning & Development, New Delhi 2021.
  • Awarded Rastriya Gaurav Award for “Skill Development & Inspirational Coach”, New Delhi 2021.
  • Awarded Bharat Bhushan Award for “Skill Development & Inspirational Coach”, MP 2021.
  • Awarded Indian CSR Awards for “Skill Development Initiatives”, New Delhi 2021.
  • Awarded The Real Super Hero Award for “Influencer”, New Delhi 2021.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What are your life goals?

Naveen : To be honest, my life goals list is pretty big but as I said earlier, i strongly believe in prioritizing things, there are certain goals of mine which are in top 3 priority list –

I want to attain financial stability so that I can secure my family and for those golden years when regular income ceases.

Also, I wish to become an “Inspirational Speaker” so that I can inspire and guide people to find purpose and meaning in whatever they do. I want to help people who lost their interest, focus or who are stressed or dissatisfied, so that they can over their setbacks and self doubts.

Last but not the least in list, I want to write and publish a book based on my challenges, experiences and learnings and want to dedicate it to my “Parents”.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What inspiration did you get from the award you received?

Naveen : Getting awards or recognition makes me feel happy and motivated. Every award I received has its own importance. These Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and above all, excellence which I have invested to do my tasks. They inspires me to do better every time and motivates me to get the Best version of myself.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : What message do you want to give to the young generation?

Naveen : Youth are the most powerful people in society. They are understanding, strong and intelligent. They all are unique in their own ways and have the power to create a better world but for that first they need to make themselves better. I just want to tell them do whatever you love to do, but do it with full passion, dedication and homework. Manage your emotions wisely to attain emotional stability. Embrace your challenges/pain and work on them so that you can utilize your learning in learning. Always try to learn from your past, imply it in present so that it can improve your future.



MYPENCILDOTCOM : what is your life mantra for success?

Naveen : For me there is no fixed or a definite mantra for success. As the definition of success changes not only from person to person but from task to task. However, 1 mantra in which I strongly believe and that keeps me growing is :

“Do what you can, with what you have, at where you are”.

I always try to look for the opportunities with the people and resources I have rather than to Crib with what I don’t have. I also believe that learning and improving is an unending process and there should be no full stop to it. So, whenever I achieve something, I always consider it as “to be continued” mode so that I get motivated and work towards “Better Version of Myself” every time.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : How will you overcome from your challenges in life and stay motivated?

Naveen : I always try to focus on the solutions by prioritizing my challenges. The most important challenge needs my undivided attention first then the rest and this helps me to effectively and efficiently look for the solutions. I strongly believe – We don’t succeed when we aim for success, we do when our vision is our priority”. Whenever I encountered any failure or challenge in my life, I took that as a learning and apply the same to improve my present. Also, in event where I feel challenge is too big for me to handle alone, I break those in small sections and took baby steps to solve those one by one.

MYPENCILDOTCOM : what you want to say our readers?

Naveen : Firstly, I want to thank all my readers for taking out time and reading this article. Also, Thanks to MyPencilDotCom for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

The only message I have for my readers is – We all are unique in our ways and have our own individuality. Never ever give up of yourself. Always remember – Problems are meant to be solved not to be afraid of”. So, stay happy, healthy and Keep Shining.