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Nikhita Gandhi Shares her Career Journey from Dentistry to Playback Singer with MyPencildotcom

Nikhita Gandhi Shares her Career Journey from Dentistry to Playback Singer with MyPencildotcom

Read Exclusive Interview with Nikhita Gandhi

Mypencildotcom. What inspired you to start playing and making music?

Nikhita- My interest in singing was since childhood, I used to sing in college but it was just for fun. I sang my first song but I never thought that I’ll make it my profession but after my first song, I started getting more offers, and then I realized that I can make it my profession. This is how my journey began. My recent song “Phoonk Le” is an item song and it’s entirely different for me because I haven’t sung any song of this genre.

Mypencildotocm- You have done music albums in various languages, is it easy or tough?

Nikhita- It’s easy because I love to sing in different languages. My first song was in the Tamil language and even now my new song has been released which is in the Tamil language. I’m very happy that the other community has expected me and my voice because most people didn’t allow outsiders to enter and sing for their community.

Mypencildotcom- How do you manage the success and failures that you face in your life?

Nikhita- I think one of the biggest challenges for an artist is to travel to other places. Jobs and business have their time slots, doctors need to be available 24*7. They have to go and perform their work at a particular place but in this industry, it’s not like that. We have to travel and manage our routine and even some days when we didn’t have any work to do, we have to control ourselves psychologically.

Mypencildotcom- How did you manage your live show or recording when your throat isn’t well?

Nikhita- This throat problem didn’t arise while recording because we can even reschedule the show, but while a live performance, I have to perform whether my throat is well or not. Even I’ve performed once when I wasn’t well because we can’t say no to the audience who have come to watch you live.

Mypencildotcom- Please tell us about your song “Burj Khalifa” and the response you got from the audition.

Nikhita- This song was shot in October during pre-covid. When I was recording, I wasn’t aware of which actor and actress it was getting recorded. After the song got released, I came to know that it was recorded for Kiara Advani. Even I got a compliment from her that she loved my voice and wanted me to sing for her. Also, my other song “Dance meri rani” was released the next day and they both were competing with each other.

Mypencildotcom- Tell us something about “At my worst” which has been recognized even at the international level?

Nikhita- Actually I mostly used to listen to English songs since my childhood. When I got an opportunity to sing this song. It created an avenue for me and I was very excited about it. Even now my new English song will get released this year. I always love to sing English songs, so it was a great opportunity for me. I’m from a Bengali family and whenever I’ll get an opportunity to sing a Bengali, I would love to sing it.

Mypencildotcom- Among the songs you’ve composed or sung, which is your favorite?

Nikhita- Initially, I didn’t love my composed songs but during the lockdown, I started releasing my composed songs and people liked them. Then, I started collaborating with other writers and composers. My favorite songs are those which are composed by me because I feel that they are very close to my heart and those are my songs.

Mypencildotcom- Please tell us about your new song “Summa Surrunu” with Armaan Malik.

Nikhita- In mid-2021, I got a call from Armaan and he said that he has a song that he wants me to sing. I went to Chennai and recorded this song and it has been released now. It’s Surya’s song and people are going crazy for it. This is my first Tamil song with him, we have already sung together in Bengali and Hindi.  Also, this year we have planned a USA tour together.

Mypencildotcom- Who’s your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

Nikhita- I love to make music with someone, with whom I can vibe whether the person is famous or not, my senior or junior. Everything depends on the vibe.

Mypencildotcom- One message you would like to give to the viewers of Mypencildotcom?

Nikhita- Many artists or singers are working on different platforms like OTT, movies, albums, and even releasing their singles, so it’s my request to please follow them and support them. During the lockdown, many artists have done many interesting works and even I started loving their work.