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Gup Shapp With Mohabbatein Star Preeti Jhangiani: Ye Interview kuch Khass Hai!

Gup Shapp With Mohabbatein Star Preeti Jhangiani: Ye Interview kuch Khass Hai!

Mypencildotcom: Are you excited about the event?

Preeti: I’m very excited as it’s another major event for PPL (Pro-Panja League) and I’m here for the event. They always do a fantastic and huge event, this time it’s massive.

Mypencildotcom: What are your expectations from this event?

Preeti: It will be yet another fantastic event for PPL where we’ll showcase our arm wrestlers and how far they’ve gone, their journey, and the way we are supporting and pushing arm wrestling in India and all over the world.

Gupp Shapp With Preeti Jhangiani

Mypencildotcom: In which cities you will hold this Pro-Panja League?

Preeti: We are going to do Pro-Panja all over India, our athletes will be from all over India and our next ranking tournament is going to be held in Gwalior. Also, we are planning to conduct the tournaments in Goa, Kerala, and many other places. 

Mypencildotcom: What are your expectations from the youth? Tell us something about their participation and the responses you’re getting from them?

Preeti: Last time we had almost three hundred players but this time we have one thousand and one hundred registrations. The response is increasing every year and arm wrestling is also getting a push in India.

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Mypencildotcom: Are you getting any support from the government?

Preeti: For our first event, we had Kiren Rijiju with us and he loved it, he said that government will support us and we are working on it. We are also in touch with lots of state governments.

Mypencildotcom: Whom would you like to invite from the Bollywood industry for this Panja competition?

Preeti: We have many strong celebrities in our Bollywood industry such as Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Ajay Devgan, and many more.

Mypencildotcom: What will be your next step after this tournament?

Preeti: After the ranking tournament, we will start the league formats where we will have six teams and there will be 180 players who will be selected from the ranking tournament. We will start the Pro-Panja League at the end of this year.

Mypencildotcom: How this tournament will help the winners in the future?

Preeti: Sheru Classic is an event where all the sportspersons get publicity and media coverage. All the winners will get the prizes, cash prizes, and many sponsorships, but they will also be put on the stage in terms of PR and publicity.

Mypencildotcom: In which city are you heading after this?

Preeti: We will move to Gwalior and the event will be held on the 22, 23, and 24 of July.