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Priyanka Kalyana Shares her Success Story in an Interview with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

Priyanka Kalyana Shares her Success Story in an Interview with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

MyPencildotcom: When did you realize that you have an interest in photography?

Priyanka Kalyana: I had an interest in modeling since my college but because of the norms of the industry, I was not able to do that. Earlier, I was in blogging, and then two years before I got an opportunity to work as a model and do bold shoots. That’s how my journey started.

MyPencildotcom: How did you plan to overcome your fears?

Priyanka Kalyana: People never encourage you for what you are. When I was skinny, they said to me that I’m not fit for a model, and then when I gained weight, they said that I’m again not fit for a model because I’ve too much weight. So, people will never approve of you, so I just started believing in myself.

MyPencildotcom:  What message would you like to convey to your fans?

Priyanka Kalyana: A message that I would like to convey is: first is body positivity, everybody is beautiful; second is we all humans have the same body part if an artist shows that it doesn’t mean that it is vulgar, it’s just the art of an artist. Let’s respect their work because it’s just a human body and nothing else.

Priyanka Kalyana

MyPencildotcom: Why do you love animals so much?

Priyanka Kalyana: I love animals so much because they are the most beautiful creatures on earth. If you once start loving animals and give love to them, they will give it back more than ten thousand times. You can feel once you start doing and that feeling is just out of the world.

MyPencildotcom: One thing you hate about Instagram?

Priyanka Kalyana: They don’t see art as art. They create a difference between men and women. Men are allowed to show their bodies on Instagram but women are not. Even an artist is not allowed to show their art and literally, it breaks the heart of an artist. If a man posts something nude, it sounds good and they get an appreciation for that but when a woman posts something similar, she gets many bad comments and it sounds vulgar.

MyPencildotcom: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Priyanka Kalyana: One dream that I want to do is that I want to do multiple jobs. I want to be a famous, kind, and nice person. I don’t want to get fit into one box rather I want to go all around and do acting, dancing, job, and whatever I can do.

MyPencildotcom: One message that you want to convey to the readers or viewers of mypencildotcom.

Priyanka Kalyana: Guys, there are no limitations for any of the work regarding height, weight, gender, or anything. If you really love to do something, just go towards it and achieve it.