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Know why Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas are in News after their visit to Pragati Maidan, Delhi on June 19 2022? Pro Panja League EXCLUSIVE



pro panja league

Preeti Jhangiani is a well-known actress in the Movie Mohabbatein under Yash raj Production. Her role in the movie was am an innocent girl in love, she became very famous and was appreciated among all age groups after the release. However, the movie Mohabbatein was released in the year 2000, after 22 years of this movie, Preeti Jhangiani is in no mood of spreading innocent love, she has started a new trend that is opposite to innocence & love, at least for sports lovers. She has created a platform Pro Panja League, i.e. a global platform and brand platform for Panja Fight Lovers. Preeti Jhangiani along with his husband Parvin Dabas, are again in news after their recent visit to Delhi. 

Gupp Shupp With Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas

What is Pro Panja League?

Mypencildotcom Magazine founder Prasun Kulshrestha met these lovely couples in Pragati Maidan on 19th June 2022, team mypencildotcom was stunned to see the magic that Parvin Dabas & Preeti Jhangiani has created. Prasun spoke to both of them regarding their amazing platform. Parvin Dabas mentioned that earlier Panja Fight was done on the local level, Parvin Dabas realised it to be a potential sport and created a global platform for these players. Pro Panja League ( ) is a recognised platform for male & female players where one can compete, get recognition and excel in their career. ProPanja league is certainly all set to give opportunities to such players in the field of sports. Recently, Kiren Rijiju And Vijender Singh Arm Wrestle At Pro Panja League.

Why did Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas visit Pragati Maidan in Delhi on June 19th 2022?

Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas are in news after their recent visit to Pragati maidan, Delhi as they got associated with the Indian Arm Wrestling Federation and organised a mega event for the arm wrestling players at Pragati maidan. They both took all the attention of the entire Pragati maidan and they were spotted to be in the event to encourage players, interact with the media & award the winners of the Pro Panja Winners. While speaking to Mypencildotcom Magazine, they both were super excited and shared their journey about how they started the concept of the pro-Panja league. Parvin Dabas also mentioned during the interview that he had been working on this concept since 2016 and looks forward to taking it to the Global level. 

pro panja league

Gup Shup With Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas.

You can check the detailed coverage of the interview in the upcoming Magazine edition of Mypencildotcom Magazine. This shall be available in August Edition. Also do check the interactive video where Mypencildotcom talks to Preeti Jhangiani & Parvin Dabas that share alot of secrets, hard work and fun moments about the championship.

pro panja league
pro panja league