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2 FULL PAGE + WebSITE NEWS + Live Interview


Publish in magazine: 2 Full Pages + Website news + Live Interview

1. 2 Pages Full , HD interview in Magazine. + 1 Website news (of same Interview)
2. 1 LIVE Interview telecast on My TV Page. i.e. Mypencildotcom magazine website page.
3. Premium Graphics.
4. Instagram post & Story on Mypencildotcom Instagram Page


Publish in magazine:  2 Full pages in magazine+ Website news + Live Interview



Refund Policy : 5 Days 100% Amount refund policy after purchase, without any questions asked to you.

Any Print Error or Mistake by us : We shall reprint your interview in upcoming edition if we do any mistake, we are committed 100% to your satisfaction.

Category : Premium Category Design & Graphics.

Dedicated Relationship Manager : Get a FREE Dedicated relationship manager after your purchase till the article is published with us, Dedicated relationship manager shall be your contact to assist you with content development, graphics draft, any queries, any support that you wish to have during our editorial with you.

FREE Formatting Support: Get Free Grammar Check, Formatting of Content & Editing support to improve content appearance in Magazine / Website.

Demo Graphics 1

Demo graphics 2

Demo Graphics 3

Website News Demo 1

Website News Demo 2

Website News Demo 3
Demo of LIVE Interview

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