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Raima Sen talks to Mypencildotcom in an exclusive Interview : Cover Story in Magazine

Raima Sen talks to Mypencildotcom in an exclusive Interview : Cover Story in Magazine

Raima Sen is a well-known face in the film industry. She has made a place for herself in both the Bengali and the Hindi film industries. Her most famous films include Teen Patti, Bollywood Diaries, etc. She came one on one with the magazine to answer a few of the most asked questions requested by her fans!

She told a lot of things not known to many about her childhood days and her journey of becoming an actress. On being asked about when she realized that she wanted to become an actress, Raima said that she grew up seeing her mother and admiring her work. Coming from the family of actresses, it was in her mind subconsciously that she loved the art and would love to take it as a profession. “Very early in childhood, I wanted to be an actress.” Her family background was the main reason why acting became a passion for her.

Raima Sen has been associated with the film industry for approximately twenty-two years now. It has been a long journey and she says she has learned quite a lot. She did not have any formal training in acting, so whatever she learned was on the sets of her films that are on the spot. “All journeys have their own ups and downs,” she says remembering her journey. She considers herself lucky enough to be able to work with some of the best directors, best producers and be cast opposite to some of the best actors present. “It has been great so far”.

The pandemic has brought about a revolutionary change in the film industry. The audience’s focus seems to have shifted from long-hour films to web series. The interviewer asked Raima about what her preferences were right now since the web series seems to be the new cool and whether there is a difference that she sees between the web series versus the theatre screen. She says web series is trending and it is a good option during the pandemic. Audiences are not fools anymore and they love good content. “Web series are good but you can’t compare the two. Both are good but both should always be there”.

Raima is an experienced actress who might have had a lot of experiences on set. Just like any other person, it was ought to know did she have emotionally low days and how did she manage work in those days. “You can’t mix your professional and private life,” she said. One has to keep personal feelings aside when one needs to work. But sometimes that happens because it is human nature and all you need to do is deal with it and keep it for later she says. One has to be present on set both physically and mentally to be able to perform the best. She also talked about how age is not a factor in her acting. As long as she keeps getting good roles and offers, she would give in her best.

Raima Sen Wishes Mypencildotcom Magazine.

The pandemic has made people realize how much the future is unpredictable. When asked about where she sees herself ten years down the line, she said that she used to plan a lot before the pandemic but now she has realized that one can never be sure of the future. It is about time people start living in the moment and feel grateful for each day they get to better themselves. At this moment she also talked about her upcoming project called Mime on Netflix.

When Raima’s views were asked on women empowerment, she said for her it was educating women, having jobs for women, and giving them the power to deal with all sorts of violence that happen to them. It is about making a safe environment for them to grow up in. It is important for women to be independent so that dependency cannot deprive freedom and the right to speech. She has an affluent background and to be concerned with issues like domestic violence, education for girls, and their financial independence is proof of Raima’s connection with the commoners.

Lastly, the interviewer asked her to give a message to the audience of MyPencildotcom to which she said that it is a new magazine and people should keep reading its content. A magazine is hard to manage, more so when it is not an already famous one. She hopes it gets the deserved recognition. Raima expressed her gratitude for being a part of such a lovely interview.