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Indian Hockey Former Captain Ritu Rani started an academy: giving free training to children

Indian Hockey Former Captain Ritu Rani started an academy: giving free training to children

A Story by Jasmine Kaur


After re-joining as a hockey player, when Ritu Rani was asked about her future in the next ten years, she told that as of now her focus is on playing league and tournaments. Her husband has started a hockey academy in Patiala where they both train students and mold them to become successful hockey players in the future. She always shares her experience with them and guides them in such a way that atleast 2-3 players among them could play for nationals.

It’s just been four months and there are almost 15 boys from all over India. They provide them education, food and etc at free of cost. A tournament was held in Punjab where these children participated and even won the match. Although it’s very tough and challenging to manage all these things, still their only motive is to provide a platform for them.


There must be a balance between all the sports. Despite being teamwork, all the players are individually highlighted in Cricket. Their events, tournaments, and even the test matches are telecasted on TV. She said that all the sports should be equally highlighted and even the matches of hockey should be telecasted on television whether it is on an international level or grassroots level.

Social media has a great influence in today’s life and has brought a change in the life of everyone. Hockey players are being highlighted and even the audience gets all the updates about the upcoming events through Instagram and Facebook pages and also matches are going live on TV channels as well. Players get support and motivation through all these methods.


Meanwhile, because she was a hockey player, she got a job in the Income-Tax department and was placed as a Police Inspector. Though, it was quite difficult for her to work as an Inspector that’s why she filled the form in the Income-Tax department and got selected there. She re-joined as a hockey player even after getting retired because her love for hockey is still alive will always remain alive.