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Saksham Shukla share his Career Journey in an Exclusive Interview with Mypencildotcom

Saksham Shukla share his Career Journey in an Exclusive Interview with Mypencildotcom


Mypencildotcom- When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in acting?  

Saksham: I have had an interest in acting since childhood. I used to dance at school events and then started participating in acting. I enjoy acting but never considered making it a career. I got admission to Delhi University; I think my journey began there only. I got to know many things about drama and theatre. I got support from my seniors and my fellow actors. For me, acting is everything because I love to do it.

Mypencildotcom-How is working in theatres different from working in series?

Saksham: I think every character has some importance. Whether we are in the theatre or on stage, we must adhere to all disciplines or integrate them. I think theatre teaches everyone is equal, because before the shows began, we used to collect our costumes and other things, and then after the show we used to keep them safe. While working on television, I learned about cameras and lenses.

Mypencildotcom- What was your experience when you worked on your first TV commercial, “IC Cool”?

Saksham: In my opinion, if your director is satisfied with your work, then you are a successful actor. I had a very nice experience working with Naresh Sir, and I learned a lot from him.

Mypencildotcom- You played such a wonderful role in “Pati, Patni Aur Woh”. Please tell us something about it.

Saksham: We started its preparation in 2018. It was due to the belief of the director and producer of the movie that gave me this role. I want whatever role I’m playing; it should give some essence to the public. For example, I played the role of a person who was from Mathura, so I tried to learn about its culture and language. My director and co-actors were very supportive.

Mypencildotcom-Tell us something about your first series, “Sinderalla.”

Saksham: One of my friends, Padam Singh Sandhu, who is a film reviewer, started his first production through this movie. He asked me to give auditions for the character “Jugal”. I gave the audition, and it went successfully. Again, I would like to give the credits to the director and the writer, who wrote it very well. It was written in a very mysterious way that created confusion among everyone.

Mypencildotcom-How was your experience working on “Bhopal to Vegas”?

Saksham: My character in this film was nothing like the one I grew up with. I remember I was in Bhopal when I got a call to give auditions. It’s mainly based on the fact that 98% of women are not satisfied with their partners. It’s the story of a stockbroker. I was inspired by the story and was selected after giving the auditions.

Mypencildotcom- What message would you like to give to the readers of this magazine?

Saksham: Being a part of this planet, I always feel that one should respect Mother Nature. I guess nature has been exploited a lot in the last few years. We should respect the resources that we get from this kind of nature and should always try to protect them. Always respect each other and love Mother Nature. Keep your surroundings neat and clean. I’ll always try to entertain people and give my best.