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An Interview with Mrs. Saloni Agarwal, Director of Miss & Mrs. India Queen Of Heart, Talks about her beauty Pageant with Mypencildotcom.

An Interview with Mrs. Saloni Agarwal, Director of Miss & Mrs. India Queen Of Heart, Talks about  her beauty Pageant with Mypencildotcom.

Mypencildotcom: From where did you realize that this event should be in December?

Saloni Agarwal: We organize this event every year and probably it happens in December only. The reason behind organizing it in December is that it’s the end of the year so, technically women go through a lot professionally and personally. In the end, we believe that they all need a change and we give them some time to explore themself more. They have much more to celebrate on New Year’s Day. This event is a national beauty pageant it’s a celebration of womanhood. Here, on this platform, we do it at a national level where women from each corner of the country come and explore their talent.

Mypencildotcom: Why is your event different from others?

Saloni Agarwal: Our event is different because we have a trademark by the government of India which means we are recognized by the government. The second fact that we are different is because our motto is women empowerment. This is a team of women who is passionate to provide something more in the future to women. We give them the chance to live their dream and follow their passion, about whatever they have ever dreamt of doing in their life. We don’t have any age, height, or weight criteria as such.

Mypencildotcom: When did this journey start?

Saloni Agarwal: This started four years back. When I won the title of Mrs. India, then I used to go as a jury member but I was not satisfied with what motive they were doing all those works. I thought that I should take the initiative and start a platform that would be thoroughly working for women and their establishment in the future as well.

Mrs. Saloni Agarwal, Dir. MIQH

Mypencildotcom: How tough is it for you to train them?

Saloni Agarwal: It is very tough to train them because mostly the women who are coming are either housewives or professionals. They have no connection with the glamour industry, they don’t know how to dress up. They don’t know how to look presentable or a Diva. It’s quite difficult to train them because it’s like coming out of their comfort zone for them. But they are very passionate and interested in bringing a change in themself.

Mypencildotcom: What should participants expect from your event and how will it help them to enhance their careers?

Saloni Agarwal: When they enroll themself, what they can expect is to get a platform where they won’t be judged just based on how they look and how they are externally but to be judged on how they are internally like their way of thinking, behaving, and how compassionate they are towards people.

Mypencildotcom: How do you manage the safety aspects of the participants?

Saloni Agarwal: No outsiders are allowed till the grand finale. The guests who are on the list are only invited. No other outsiders are allowed to stay there but they can visit the participants only during the visiting hours. There are guards and tight security for their safety.

Mypencildotcom: How excited are you about this event?

Saloni Agarwal: I’m very excited because I love meeting new people, talking to them, and exploring their sides. When we meet different women from different cultures and their heritage, they talk a lot about their culture and we get to know more about them. So, it’s very exciting for all of us. Also, good nervousness is there and it’s always there to perform much better.

Mypencildotcom: How Covid has impacted your event and what are all the precautions you’re going to take?

Saloni Agarwal: It was a concern last year also and this year we were quite chilled that Covid had gone away but then Omicron entered our life and things changed. But it’s not a major issue if you’re vaccinated and even WHO said that it’s not as harmful as other variants. We are following all the basic guidelines and protocols, it’s all good.