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1990’s very famous Sheeba talks about her life journey, fitness and much more : Read EXCLUSIVE

1990’s very famous Sheeba talks about her life journey, fitness and much more : Read  EXCLUSIVE

Exclusive Interview with Sheeba 

Mypencildotcom: welcome sheeba ma’am to Mypencildotcom magazine. How are you doing ma’am?

Sheeba:I am doing very well, Thank you, It’s my pleasure to be with you all today.

Mypencildotcom:  Sheeba ji you have a really admirable  career-graph in acting, where it all started? ,when and how you felt that you want to be an actress?

Sheeba: This story is now decades old, I was in school when I started acting,

As I was from a non-film background, I guess I was not very well prepared.

Mypencildotcom: you desired to be an actress always? Or you had some other passion that you wanted to pursue in life?

Sheeba: I spent my almost entire life in this industry, at this point of time this is really difficult  for me to tell if I was not an actress what else I could become!

Mypencildotcom: As you said it’s almost decades since you started your acting career, how difficult it was then to become an actress, compare to these days? what challenges have you faced?

Sheeba: well, now when I look back feel that the journey was easier then, I never had to go through any audition ever and I did many movies as a heroine, I only had to go through a look test for my first movie ‘yeh aag kab bujhegi’,The director already had a vision of the character in his head, And I  our very first meeting I was selected for the character ‘pooja’.And the look test was all about choosing costume, and suitable makeup for the role, it was never like whether you will get the role or not depends on it.

And I personally feel the whole process became more mechanical now a days.

Mypencildotcom: Sheeba ji now a days  interaction with audience became easier for public figures through social media like instagram, Facebook, what’s your thought on it?

Sheeba: Yeah ,That is such an advantage that we can get immediate feedback from our audience, we can interact with people one on one, we get to know more about what they liked what didn’t ,what more they want to see, what they are enjoying, that’s a wonderful thing actually.

So yeah compared to then technology has definitely become a boon and a curse.

Mypencildotcom: why curse?

Sheeba: well ,we have the freedom of commenting pretty much anything now, and not all people are cordial.

Luckily I have ninety nine percent nice people in my fanbase, they genuinely enjoy what I am bringing to the table, and give me some really lovely feedback.

But yeah the one percent is heartbreaking.

I have seen some instagram account where the equation is it’s really hard for those people.

Mypencildotcom: you’re presently more active on your fitness and other things, while you’re in a break from acting, what did you think about come back?

Sheeba: yeah currently I am in a frame of mind of working again, recently I have signed up and worked in a feature film, looking forward to get more opportunities.

Mypencildotcom: you fans must be waiting for this.

Sheeba: I hope so.

Mypencildotcom: you’re a certified yoga teacher and instructor too, What is your Mantra of fitness?

Sheeba: consistency, showing up on my mat everyday.

There are many people who says they get inspiration from me, they want to follow what I am doing, but what they do not see is the struggle, the hardwork , the background behind my fitness, I am very much regular with my workout.

So I would suggest everybody Start small, but do it regularly, be consistent.

Fitness can be anything, any movements, like yoga, walking ,dancing, or a game that you play with your kids, do anything to keep active mobility.

Start eating your meals on the floor as per our tradition, that’s too a part of active mobility basically.

These tiny steps can lead you to a fit and active life.

Mypencildotcom: how much time you usually spend on fitness? Do you believe ma’am workout can help people to add positive outlook towards life?

Sheeba: I really don’t count, I spend so many hours ,I keep myself engaged in different kind of mobilities through out the day. i try not to just sit in a place for a really long time, I think sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking, inactiveness is as harmful as smoking.

We can just do small movements like simply walking after every period of immobility for few time, or just shoulder rotation, or movements of hamstrings can help.

Mypencildotcom: so you always keep yourself active?

Sheeba: yes, I always keep myself active, and I must tell you the more active you’re ,more your mind gets free.

Fitness is a big part of helping people to come back to track who have mental disorders, though I am not denying the fact they do need proper other help too.

Mypencildotcom: we have discussed about so many things so far, one more point we would like to raise, that is parenting, how do you balance ?how difficult it is for a parent who have other involvement?

Sheeba: when I was a very young mother I learnt and obviously followed that kids do not learn what you teach them, kids learn what they see.

When they see their parents are into fitness , eating right they start automatically imbibing it.

I just can’t tell my kids smoking is bad for health when me, myself is a smoker ,right? They will learn by a parent I feel you have to set that good example for your child.

Mypencildotcom: This is a very valuable message, we become what we see.

Sheeba: yeah, try to be a person, your child you want to be.

Mypencildotcom: where do you see yourself ten years down the line ? What’s your ambition?

Sheeba:My primary ambition is always happiness and health, that is my primary goal in life, I want my pets to be healthy and happy,

pursue that what brings you happiness, and good health.

If you’re not healthy you can’t be happy and if you’re not happy you can’t be healthy, so you have to prioritise both.

Mypencildotcom: any message for our readers ?

Sheeba: Be positive and spread positivity ,the more positive vibes you will send to universe the more positivity you’ll attract towards be a magnet for positivity.

Don’t look for negativity in anything.

Spread happiness wherever you go. and happiness automatically comeback to you.

Mypencildotcom: Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful message.

Thanks a lot Sheeba ji for joining us today and considering our request.

Sheeba: you’re welcome.

Have a good life .