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India’ s Greatest Singing sensation Shilpa Rao shares her success secrets with Mypencildotcom

India’ s Greatest Singing sensation Shilpa Rao shares her success secrets with Mypencildotcom

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Who was your inspiration before going into music and singing line?

Shilpa Rao: I would like to give all the credits to my parents. In the beginning, music and singing were not my cup of tea, education was everything for me. Although, my love was always there for the music but making it a profession, became possible just because of my parents.       

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Is it true that you always wanted to go into the film industry?

Shilpa Rao: When I was a kid, my father saw some potential in me and he wanted me to go into this music line. After that, I started learning music and practiced very hard. He was the one who made me understand my future and focus on my music. Also, Shankar-Mahadevan sir was there for me and they helped to make music a profession for me.

LIVE Interview with Shilpa Rao ( Recorded on 2 Dec 2021)

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How did you overcome those things about which you’re afraid?

Shilpa Rao: I’m still afraid of Harish Ji because I’m so afraid to sing in front of him but still I am trying to overcome it. I always feel that fear is a good thing because it makes you a better artist. If you are afraid of making a mistake, you’ll work harder and make efforts to be a better person.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Tell us something about your journey in the Bollywood industry?

Shilpa Rao: When I moved to Bombay, Shankar sir was very supportive and he also told me to learn singing and music. He told me to start with jingles because singing on a mike and singing in a studio are two different things. So, I did jingles for about three years then I did two projects ‘Anwar’ and ‘Salaam-e-Ishq together.

Shilpa Rao

MYPENCILDOTCOM: Those were your first projects, so what is the value of those songs in your career?

Shilpa Rao: It became my identity because people started recognizing me from those songs only. It was a beautiful debut song and I couldn’t have asked for a better first song.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: People take so many years to establish a benchmark in the industry but you did that in the very first song only. So, is it like something that you’re creating a benchmark for yourself each time you take a new project?

Shilpa Rao: More than a benchmark, or proving yourself to someone it is also an art of singing a new song and enjoying it. Music always gives me peace and happiness, also I feel very satisfied when I do music. Whenever I go to the studio, I enjoy singing and the whole process of it.

MYPENCILDOTCOM: How do all these awards that you’ve won encourage you for the next project that you take?

Shilpa Rao: I will say, don’t get carried away if you don’t win and if you win, definitely don’t get carried away. It feels great on award night, everyone will congratulate you but the only thing that matters to you is that