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Motivational Interview of A Young activist and a Founder Sudhanshu kaushik with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

Motivational Interview of A Young activist and a Founder Sudhanshu kaushik with Mypencildotcom, Exclusively.

Mypencildotcom: When did you realize that you need to work for your nation?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: I think it’s an everyday realization and I do what I like to do and enjoy doing. One of the best things about being an activist is that it’s centric on youth rights and advocating for those causes and seeing the level of passion, the level of engagement, and justice. The ability of young Indians to stand for their rights and have the opportunity to be in midst of all this. I think it’s such a fantastic place to be at.

Mypencildotcom: What’s your motive behind the foundation?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: The motive is very simple, it’s just to give young people their voice, the opportunity to be heard. There are many young people below a certain age in India and far less representation. Very few people can get their issues across to the halls of parliament. Our simple goal is to make sure that we have our voices heard. The ways in which that objective or mission is conveyed is through advocacy work and young candidates test elections to make sure that they are changing up or trying to change the constitution. Creating an environment that is used to include and promote young people, so there are a variety of ways in which we’re engaged.

Sudhanshu kaushik

Mypencildotcom: Explain something you are particularly proud of in your social work career?

Sudhanshu Kasushik: I couldn’t mention any single work because every single campaign in the Young India Foundation and every single candidate who wants to do something for their village and thinks out of the box and then they overcome those barriers to achieve those goals. For me, every young candidate is a winner who at least tries to do something, it doesn’t matter whether he wins or not. 

Mypencildotcom: What motivates you to work as an Activist?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: I don’t believe myself as an activist, I’m just a facilitator and expose myself to play my part in the larger picture of people to get their rights heard in India. It’s not difficult but frustrating when DC doesn’t listen while we try to form paperwork for a young punch candidate. The things are frustrating but not off-road. The fact that we have to come out of notion to do what we want to do. It’s not that we are surprising anything, we should be considered and heard. The thing that matters is the problem they are facing, the sexualism, the reason behind the highest suicide rate in India, and the highest rape rates. My journey isn’t that difficult but the thing is how they have overcome their difficulties and that matters. 

Mypencildotcom: What’s your greatest activist victory?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: Every candidate that we had as a part of the Young India Foundation who has been doing his task in the political climate that we live in, that’s the victory. Someone who has consent for us, the fact that they don’t have enough stress, the fact that they’re able to sacrifice so much to take this risk, that’s the big thing for us.

Mypencildotcom: What’s your opinion about Indian politics?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: I think that regardless that what party supports regardless of the ideology. Two things are clear to me, one is that we are not listening to one another, we like to be our members and the second is that there is not enough representation. It’s here that all the parties whether it’s the ruling government or opposition party or the regional government, pay lip service youth representation. Everyone says that only those youth join politics who have interest but I think that there is an age barrier in politics which creates a barrier. Some issues are not getting solved by any political parties.

Mypencildotcom: How do you see the political future of Indian youths once they are registered or have become the representative?     

Sudhanshu Kaushik: It is her duty as people who are working on this, it is the duty of the government not to protect the future of the young people. It’s the duty to work every single moment of the day. We have to make sure that they have that opportunity to express themselves politically and socially. They can engage with all sorts of systems at a local goal, state, and national level. We may need to make that process easier, equitable, and accessible to these students. As long as the government is proactive, then the conditioning and the status of young people will inherently get better but it only depends on the fact that the government made it more excessive possible.                                                                                                       

Mypencildotcom: How important is it for youths to come and participate as an activist and why?

Sudhanshu Kaushik: I believe that we all at a day are proactive citizens and being an Indian citizen comes with an ability to be more engaged. We must be responsible, aware. We need to make sure that we are proactively working to participate in getting them to engage.

Mypencildotcom: What one message would you like to give our youths through our platform?

Sudhanshu kaushik: Every one of us needs to understand that young are very diverse, different from one another but we all need to realize that barriers are coming the way to allow us to give fair and proper rotation. Because of that, we face the lack of a good lifestyle, a safe environment, and a healthy infrastructure for our health. As long as we have more young people being able to voice their concerns and solve them in the whole power at a national level, then I think we can prove the condition and improve the state of living. I want to end this by quoting one of my favorite quotes from Rabindranath Tagore- “The country isn’t the earth beneath our feet, it is the people”. The people of the country should do well and make the country proud and progress.