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Life Journey of Inspiring Actress & Femina Miss India Universe Tanushree Dutta! 2022 EXCLUSIVE KHABAR

Life Journey of Inspiring Actress & Femina Miss India Universe Tanushree Dutta! 2022 EXCLUSIVE KHABAR


Mypencildotcom: How did your journey begin in Bollywood after earning the title of Miss India Universe?

Tanushree: Miss India Universe title was the crowning moment of my life because I come from a middle-class family and I started modeling in my college and school then I graduated from professional modeling and then Miss India Universe happened. The Bollywood people started calling the Times of India office which is the parent company of the Miss India universe, so I started getting offers, and mostly Bollywood managers were contacting me.

Mypencildotcom: How was your experience in the Bollywood industry?

Tanushree: I think every field has some bittersweet taste and hopefully I was getting opportunities and I didn’t face many struggles in it. I have seen many people who had struggled a lot to get a chance in movies but for me, it was very easy, so I didn’t want to lose the chance. My movies were hit, songs became super hit and they reached millions of views.

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Mypencildotcom: How did you see yourself in 5 years down the line?

Tanushree: I attract things in my ways and for me, satisfaction is very compulsory. I took a break and when I returned from the US in 2022, people taught me that I will work on any project they will offer me. But for me, I wanted to work on a project that will showcase my talent and offer me satisfaction. So, getting work was never a challenge for me but getting worthful work was a real challenge.

Mypencildotcom: How are you preparing yourself to get back to work in this industry?

Tanushree: I have never prepared myself consciously because I think whatever I have prepared prior had never worked in my case. An artist or an actor is always self-made and their emotions arise through experiences. The more you will experience the more emotions will arise in an artist. I prefer to go with the flow, and I don’t know where I will be in the next five years. Soon, i shall be back to films, although i get many offers, but i shall pick my choice of work & shall come back to industry.

Mypencildotcom: What is your fitness mantra?

Tanushree: Your physical fitness is in your hands and you should always maintain yourself and do regular exercises. In between, I was doing a lot of hardcore workouts, gym training, and personal training and I was doing yoga. I met with an accident recently, then the last couple of months were not pleasant for me health-wise. I’m back at my work very soon and I started my regular exercises and all. I always used to get work according to my physical figure and that’s why now I didn’t get much stress on this issue.

Mypencildotcom: What type of character would you like to explore in your acting career?

Tanushree: I feel that I had very good comic timing and I’m very funny but I don’t get to express that. I don’t get to express it as I have a very good sense of humor but I don’t interact with the world. I want to make people laugh till they start crying.

Mypencildotcom: What message you would like to deliver to the readers or viewers of Mypencildotcom.

Tanushree: One message that I would like to deliver is that allow yourself to become a more refined version of yourself, do not stop the process of evolution, there is something beyond that, so seek that. Sometimes we have to believe and have faith in something outside of ourselves to become complete within ourselves. Always allow yourself to learn something new, to be taught, and to be defined.