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Kaushalya World School among 5 top Schools in Greater Noida, India in 2022.

Kaushalya World School among 5 top Schools in Greater Noida, India in 2022.

Kaushalya World School – A journey from passion to excellence.

Kaushalya World School among 5 top Schools in Greater Noida, India in 2022.

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Kaushalya World Schools among 5 top School in Greater Noida, India in 2022.

Mypencildotcom Magazine team is looking for various good schools to study in Greater Noida, among challenging environment of education, we found out few schools in Greater Noida. Among those, we found Kaushalya World School among TOP 5 School in Greater Noida. A detailed coverage of research and parameters are listed as below. We ensured to prepare the list of rank of schools very cautiously, in the series of getting the ranks of schools, this article shall give you an insight about Kaushalya World School. Find out top School in Greater Noida in upcoming magazine edition for 2022.

Complete ranking and details shall be published in Magazine in upcoming edition. Until then, We insist, go through our valued research done and content as below.

Kaushalya World School is an endeavor, an initiative which was established, under the aegis of Om Sai Foundation, with the virtuous mission of providing an access to high quality education, in close proximity to Greater Noida. It embarked as a dream, to mold our new generation into distinct individuals by shaping and articulating their young brains which transmuted into passion with the course of time.

It was the  increasing avidity and  the uncompromising commitment of providing excellence in value based quality Education of global standards to all, which made Mrs Kushal Singh, the Chairperson of Kaushalya World School, lay the foundation of two branches of Kaushalya World School, back to back , in Dadri and in Greater Noida. While Dadri branch was founded to provide education at a nominal fee, KWS at  Greater Noida came into existence as a centrally air conditioned educational institute nestled in the heart of the city ,on more than 21,000 sq yards campus at a prominent location.

Chairperson – Kaushalya World School

At KWS, each learner speaks a distinct transformational story; the story of turning routines into moments of discoveries, the story of experiencing happiness in everyday learning. KWS is famed for developing the learners’ skills and abilities through a gamut of opportunities and encouraging self discovery and thirst for creativity through a challenging and dynamic curriculum. The institution aims to create numerous unique success stories that will transcend the school portals and position themselves as confident and responsible citizens of the world!

There is no denial to the fact that a futuristic infrastructure plays an enabling role in solving many access-related problems of students to the school system, thereby giving boost to their academic performance too.

And KWS is proud to have an infrastructure which helps learners and teachers set pace with the radical changes in the field of education. All classrooms at KWS, are equipped with SMART CLASS interactive touch screen boards & short throw digital projectors. KWS is one of the few schools to have Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL), under the aegis of Niti Ayog, the Government of India in addition to ICT enabled labs for English, Mathematics, Science & Social Science and an integrated lab.

As “Excellence is the Culture” &“Experiential learning” is the pivot of all teaching learning processes at KWS, the faculty, here, always try to keep themselves refurbished with new innovations with a mandatory 50 hours of training by CBSE.

The Resource Centre here encourages active thinking and new ideas. The Library is stocked with selective reading resources for all age levels and the reading programme aims at creating a love for reading in every student. It’s a quiet sharing space for students and teachers. the reservoir of more Thousands of books and numerous magazines and newspapers strengthens the ties of the students with the books.

KWS with excellent sports facilities and coaching imparted in numerous verticals of sports education stands out in encouraging students to participate in sports & other co-curricular activities, including art, dramatics, music etc. The state-of-the-art multipurpose Court built on international standards including a sophisticated swimming pool caters to an array of sports like Skating, Basketball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis & Swimming.

The nerve centre of KWS is its Amphitheatre which is the built strategically in the centre of the school. Assemblies, special ceremonies are held here. Built in a semicircle shape, it can seat around 1000 people and the circle stage can accommodate 100 children during performance.

The campus is well connected with a network of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) & is Wi-Fi enabled.. The school has installed high end ERP which provides: anytime and anywhere access to information like homework, assignment, examination marks and attendance.

Commuting to KWS is full of fun on its own air conditioned luxury buses with mobile connectivity to ensure safety and security of all children. Every Coach is fitted with mobile wireless network which is in constant touch with school control room.The school  has adopted advanced cloud computing system to make the transport facility more convenient for the parents to monitor.

For KWS Community, the parents are ‘Partners in Education’ and the school takes into account their roles as significant stakeholders in education and build upon and review the educational programmes considering their inputs and feedback. Orientation Programmes and PTA Meetings contribute significantly in making strategic decisions pertaining to children’s progressive pathways.

KWS has been conducting innumerable virtual exchange programmes with different countries over the years with the objective of offering multiple opportunities to its students to connect and collaborate with their global counterparts in different parts of the world.

KWS has been time and again awarded and recognized by esteemed educational bodies for its outstanding contribution and performance in the field of education, at various national and international forums. The Chairperson , Mrs Kushal Singh has been felicitated with numerous awards as a mark of excellence and acknowledgement for her exemplary contribution to education, while the school has been accredited with British Council International Dimension in school Award thrice for adding international dimension to school curriculum. While looking for 5 top School in Greater Noida, India in 2022, we found that KWS overall seems to be race and deserves to be in top 5 schools in Greater Noida.

It’s been 16 years now that the school has been providing an educational system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation with their inherent potential. ‘Striving for Excellence’ was the motto and the school never failed to make a gradual and steadfast foray into infrastructural developments to give its students a resourceful learning environment.

NOTE : the above details are part of our research inline to the content discussed or shared by schools, our team ensured to keep the information precise and correct. Any Query / Questions/ can be discussed with us on our email ID [email protected]

TOP School in Greater Noida.

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