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A video of a girl dancing on the railway platform to Saath Samandar Paar goes viral!

A video of a girl dancing on the railway platform to Saath Samandar Paar goes viral!

A lot of random things go viral on the internet in the blink of an eye. Recently a dancing video went viral where a girl is seen dancing on a railway platform on the song Saath Samundar Paar. She is Saheli Rudra, an Instagram influencer and an avid user of the app. she posted the video on her Instagram account. This song made her all the more famous on the social media app. A whole crowd of onlookers was captured in the video.
Instagram after adding Reels to the app has become a favorite among its users. Trending music tracks, new trends, and viral videos keep each one busy, be it someone making reels or someone just scrolling through them. Saheli Rudra is an Instagram influencer with a huge following of 561k. She posts videos daily and keeps her audience involved. This is not the first time she has danced publically. Before the video went viral she posted a lot of Instagram reels but the reach was not that great. Reels before her viral dancing video has views ranging from 3k to 5k. However, her dancing video has 57.9 Million views and 1.5 million likes. A crowd overlooking her dancing was seen in this video. They were all enjoying Saheli’s dance on the remix track of the song. Her upbeat dance moves won the internet; while in public girls are expected to act a certain way, these influencers breaking the stigma is another reason why they go viral. She is seen wearing a mask while showing off her superb dance moves following the public protocol of not letting our guard down in the fight against COVID.
After the whole incident, she saw a massive rise in her number of followers as people became more interested to see her content on the gram. Saheli even mentioned that her dancing video made it to the news of some news channels and probably that is why more people got to know

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about her.
A lot of public dancing is witnessed these days. Some of them go viral while others fail to get the desired reach. It all depends on the content and how well it sits with the audience. It is a big deal for an influencer to go viral since the recognition fetches those brands. Brands pay these influencers to promote their products and hence Instagram reels have become a fine medium of earning well for them.
Choice of the song for her video
Saath Samandar Paar is one of the most evergreen tracks because of its catchy and upbeat tune. Often this song is heard being played on occasions such as marriage, functions, and festivals and people just cannot stop themselves from grooving to the tune of it. the song belongs to the film Vishwatma starring brilliant actors like Divya Bharti, Sunny Deol, Naseeruddin Shah, Amrish Puri, Chunkey Pandey, etc. Saath Samandar paar has been sung by Sadhna Sarkar and it has been an audience’s favorite ever since its release. The original dance video has Divya Bharti as the dancer and she too had graced the film with her mesmerizing dance moves. The film had attracted a huge following at the time due to this particular song and the dance moves.
Remixing old songs has become a trend with Bollywood. Old songs are taken and remixed to upbeat it and suit the millennial preference of tunes to dance to. Sometimes even raps are added to it which may or may not suit. However, this song has been used for a lot of scenes in a lot of Bollywood movies. The new version of the song has a more prominent rhythm to it, making it more dance-friendly than ever.
Influencers go an extra mile these days to make their content viral. While the efforts are appreciated, it is time we realize what kind of content actually deserves attention. A lot of artists and their mind-blowing art, musicians, dancers, etc. have blessed talent and yet they fail to attract the recognition they deserve. Unnecessary content getting attention only diverts the people who put pain into their work and fail to achieve results. This dancing video is amazing and Saheli Rudra as a dancer should get more recognition instead of just one video being viral for nothing.
Let us know your views on it.